Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Real Deal" and "Pretender Peace Buddies" Topic To Be Aired

The “Real Deal” Peace Buddy has come to be New Horizons’ symbol of an individual, genuinely, doing his/her best to “walk the walk” of the Possible Human, Possible Society and, being a viable role model for others doing likewise.
This week our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, acknowledges Jim Wagner, award winner of the New Horizons’ 2012 Peace Buddy Award, for his outstanding efforts in this area.

Jim, a Frederick County, Maryland, local peace activist, environmentalist, minimalist and practicing Quaker, will join Jack and myself this week to share his perspectives on daily living and his vision for a possible society in motion.
Honored with this award, Jim’s congruency, of values, principles and actions, won my (Anastasia) admiration during interviews with him for the Possible Human, Possible Society Study. The board members of New Horizons unanimously affirmed my recommendation to grant Jim the award. The study is presently ongoing through December 31, 2015.

On this show I will offer a few remarks on the distinctions found, thus far, through the study on the differences between “Real Deal” and “Pretender Peace Buddies.” The topic will be taken up in greater detail in coming shows.

Jack Slattery will, again, join me as co-host for the show.

Check this link for show details and time. And, do please join us for our conference call-in discussion following the on-air broadcast.

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