Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Awe" Defined

A quick note from Anastasia who is still resting up and integrating last Friday's experience at the UNESCO Center For Peace Model United Nations Camp, presenting "Conflict Resolution and Anger Management #101" for the third year in a row.

Our volunteer team was "awesome."

Synergy was the word and, we definitely did it, co-created it, had it!

With almost 70 participants from around the world; China, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and India, I am sure you will want to hear lots about it.

All the kids -- from so far away -- brought together into Hagerstown, Maryland, putting their minds and hearts together for peace. Awesome.

More to come.

However, me -- Anastasia -- is temporarily almost out of words for now. My word bank is presently overdrawn so I will be brief.

People becoming aware of this blog through introductions other than the internet are requesting my clarification of some of the terms I have been using.

Here are the definitions of those terms most requested -- our "Dictionary of Awe."

Awe = 1. an experience of personal, spiritual or collective transformation. 2. In individuals (with self or others), relationships, groups or communities, the moment or moments when separation is overcome and recognized for the wonder that it is.

The Mountain of Awe = 1. The place we climb, inside ourselves and with one another. in order to overcome separation.

Peak Of The Mountain of Awe = 1. The culminating moment or crescendo of the climb. You can truly feel the transformation.

Outfitting Your Backpack = 1. Preparing to intentionally climb the Mountain of Awe; deciding to be a dedicated peace-builder, no matter what!

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