Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elegant Solutions #101: A lesson on being observant

Scenario: Good Guys and Snakey Behavior
Lesson*: “Careful Observation, Correct Interpretation, Practical Application”
(* a key concept derived from -- "Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe" by Murat Yagan (pages 34 – 36). Courtesy The Kebzeh Foundation)
I got bitten by a snake. Ouch.
Though it wasn’t a deadly one, it hurt just the same.

The snake, himself, turned out to, not only be rather benign, but additionally quite a surprise.
Anyway I had on my hiking boots. That was some protection. Still a snake bite is a snake bite.
So I could not be too careful, especially up here in the mountains with emergency options limited.
Yet, I could not resist looking back on my snake – from afar.
Besides, if emergency measures were to be taken, I, at least, needed to be able to say what kind of snake had bitten me.

So I did look back.  And, it was a very sad snake I saw lying there in his spot.
Now I had been taken in before by sad looking faces.
You know the story – “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to do it.”
And, “Hey, I’m really a good guy. Give me another chance.”
I wasn’t about to be a cream puff and get taken in by that sad face.
He, nonetheless, beckoned to me. My glance at him engaged his eyes with mine.
And, my heart stirred a bit behind my mask of defense.
"Ridiculous," I immediately chided myself. Still, what if he really was sorry – and – guilty only of snakey behavior.
What if he wasn’t just an ordinary garden snake. Or, one of the dangerous ones, pretending to be a good guy; one that would bite a second time, if I doubled back and took another peek.
Then, as if by magic, the snake seemed to read my differing thoughts and spoke aloud.
“Please listen to me. I am not an ordinary garden-variety snake. Nor, am I am a deadly snake either, masquerading as a good guy snake to get you to come closer.
No! I am an enchanted prince. I bit you – you in particular-- to get your attention.
(Did you think I couldn’t have gone after that squirrel lying dead by that old oak tree over there?)
Please release me from my spell.
You could do it.
Just take a second look at who I really am.
That's all it will take. I truly am a prince.”
So I did. And, he truly turned out to be a prince.
After it was all over – and – I was, once again, safe at home, my snake bite almost healed, I remembered one of Murat’s messages and was glad I had taken a second look --
One of the keys to personal and collective transformation is “careful observation, correct interpretation and practical application.” "Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe" by Murat Yagan (pages 34 – 36)

I had learned a thing or two -- and -- my new friend, the snake, was free.

Lesson: Even a snake can take off its mask -- and -invite mine to come down too. That's how we can "all" reach the peak of the Mountain of Awe.

Doing her best to climb the Mountain of Awe.*

*Backpack outfitted with “snake bite protection” -- and -- a loving heart that opens wide.

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