Saturday, August 31, 2013

Conscious Parenting: An Apt Possible Society In Motion On-Air Topic

(This article re-posted Saturday, August 31 due to accidental deletion of Thursday, August 29 original. Apologies to Jill Pekoksky and other readers, damn I pushed the wrong button.)
Jill Pekofsky

With Jill Pekofsky, graduate of the “Jill Pekofsky University of Parenting Hard Knocks”

Tonight (Thursday, August 29) on the Possible Society Motion Show

6:30 p.m., Thursday, August 29

Join Jack and myself, tonight, for a lively discussion with Jill Pekofsky,, as we take up the subject of “conscious parenting” versus unconscious parenting as a critical pathway to peace. LZ Granderson, a current favorite writer of social commentary, in a recent article on the inattention of certain parents, addresses the consequences of this  laxity in his “stunning piece, Negligent Parents, Law breaking Kids,”  a vivid and profound editorial, describing some of the root causes of our current, national epidemic of teen violence.

Jill, conversely, seems to be offering parents a viable antidote to this inattention with her new workshop, “Conscious Parenting.”  She will discuss this new program with us this evening.

Describing herself as credentialed as a Master’s in Parenting administration from the Jill Pekofsky University of Parenting Hard Knocks”  (her husband, Larry, refers, instead, to her program as being on the topic of “50 shades of black and blue” which, I assume, is emotional rather than physical), Jill promises to be an entertaining, as well as well-informed guest for our show.

Both descriptions of Jill’s new project, no matter the “official” portrayal, reflect the experiences of a dedicated woman and mother, wizened through her parenting enough to want to share her insights in the form of principles, tools and guidance. As a participant in our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, I was inspired by what Jill shared through that process to be eager to share her with you, our Possible Society In Motion Show guests.

So – do, please, join us, Jack Slattery and myself, tonight, as we probe Jill’s wisdom on parenting that just might open some doors in your thinking about new ways of “consciously” addressing the present virulent teen problems of violence, as well as the hopes for health and harmony.

Contact Jill at:

Conscious Parenting
“Workshops that make parenting fun”

Friday, August 30, 2013

Study Data Gathering Inspires Radio Show Forum

Talk about New Horizons’ mega package, plus our Possible Human, Possible Society Study* and all that we were (“old” New Horizons), have become and will be (“new” New Horizons)!

The Possible Society In
Motion Show
I am so delighted, today, about the Possible Society In Motion Show that Jack and I did last night with guest, Jill Pekofsky! The show, of course, is an extension of New Horizons good progress in motion.

An especially inspiring piece, for me, is that Jill was one of the first people I interviewed for the study (even before its official launching date of January 1, 2012).  I loved interviewing her, loved her stories, her spirit, her values and the things she already had in motion to be her best possible human and build for tomorrow, especially through her devotion to parenting.

Now, here it is, less than two years later. New Horizons has our own radio show for sharing some of our preliminary study findings – and, most surprisingly, a platform from which to share our discoveries; a special space, all our own, for spotlighting what “almost ordinary,” real people like Jill are doing in their lives, consistently, to help us build a possible society.
(By “almost ordinary” I mean as a counterpoint to politicians, celebs and other media “trafe” served up as daily fare, ad nauseum. “Trafe” is Yiddish for not Kosher. “Not Kosher” = ng, or ”not good” in the words of my Aunt Sophie.)
For a healthy taste treat listen to the delicious discussion on our podcast of last night’s show, featuring Jill’s new "Conscious Parenting" workshop program (and how to participate in it). And, look forward to Jack and I taking the topic of “Conscious Parenting versus Unconscious Parenting” into our next show. 

In the future, we look forward to having Jill back again for “Lesson #2. In the meantime, however, we want to digest and share what we took from what she has already said. Jill has a big message on parenting.
We hope you will join us,  even call-in and get on the air, next week, to expand the ideas Jill introduced last night.

We are intent on sharing select portions of our data and stories we’ve heard to help foster change, now, as we are developing some ease in doing our Possible Society In Motion radio show forum.
It’s all in the motion!

*The study is now renamed the Possible Society In Motion Study, for branding purposes. But I either am not used to that name, yet, or am not sure it suits fully for my intentions. And, after all, I am the designer and chief interviewer. ??????)
Have a happy Labor Day week-end,
Anastasia, with an eye on the hummingbirds

Monday, August 26, 2013

Murat Yagan's Message of Wisdom

"There is one Truth, and this Truth is buried with all Its majesty in the consciousness of Homo sapiens which is the best reflector of Cosmic Consciousness."

Murat Yagan, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II

Murat Yagan reveals further knowledge of the ancient oral Tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh in this second Volume. He provides further ref lections on the "mystical science" of Ahmsta Kebzeh, which says that the origin of God is a mystery but that how God works can be learned. He reveals the secret of Alchemy as taught by the ancient oracles of his people, gives further explanation about "life as a game of Consciousness," deepens understanding of the Cosmic Laws of Creation, unveils how manifestation occurs through Master Desire and Silent Prayer, and makes clear the nature of Creativity. He gives the aspirant invaluable exercises for transformation, including "Healing by Putting Hands On". Volume II is accompanied by a CD of his reading of key exercises from both Volume I and this Volume. Included also is a collection of writings from students and friends of the Teaching.

In addressing the place of human in Creation, Ahmsta Kebzeh reorients us to the vital Truth of Who and What we are by offering a process of transformation that raises us to the full realization of our predestination as completed, perfected 'Human'.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our prince (Murat Yagan) and his new heir

Murat's new book, right off the presses!
Ahmsta Kebzeh:
The Science of Universal Awe
Volume II
Just take a look here!

Murat’s new book is just released!

And we are contributors to it with a beautiful, loving story about how Murat became our honored and devoted community development mentor.

Here is an instruction guide for the possible human who truly wants to be an active possible society builder.

Expect more and more and more exciting details to follow, here, as New Horizons celebrates the publication of this tome of wisdom and hope; excerpted portions, ordering details and more.

You will love it!  I can barely put it down.

In fact, New Horizons has already launched a study group that will soon become a new radio show --
 “Alchemy and the Alchemist: Conversations with Anastasia and Murat Yagan,” 

-- exclusively dedicated to exploring the vital guidance this book contains.

Caveat: For real deal "Peace Buddies" you will need both Volumes I and II plus a seasoned guide -- and -- a community of fellow travelers to truly reach the peaks of the Mountain of Awe.

Look for details.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Are Gathering

I find the pausing, preceding the gathering of whatever is needing to be drawn together, as the next appropriate step, to have different feeling tones, related to certain variances.
For example, gathering the array of clothes, books and whatnots Sue and I needed to do to leave September Island, the Canadian wooded lake retreat of her family, was somewhat challenging, especially as we had no electricity on the island with which to see our way into various nooks and crannies.

Gathering our overnight and daytime clothes to leave the motel where we spent our next night after leaving the island, heading back home, had plenty of light and no lingering attachments like the family members left behind on the island.

That gathering accompanied our being particularly glad to get back on the road. (I was, especially, at this point, happy to be able to wash my hair and fluff it a bit with my hair dryer, an amenity I had forfeited for the island vacation.)

Then there was the gathering of our travel bags to carry them out of the car and trunk onto my personal receiving platform, the kitchen floor, when we were, at last, back home. Relief and a good long stretch!

As that collection dwindles down to a tiny little spot, I find myself almost at a loss as to how, now, to gather the threads I left behind of New Horizons and weave them into the updated me.

Even a week plus a few days on an island, with or without electricity, does, of course, bring some new aspects of oneself (and others) into play.  And, these, by their very relevance must somehow be gathered into that which was left behind, if one is to be completely whole, of one harmonious, integrated piece.

Thus here I sit in contemplation; happy to be home, once more, back at my desk and not quite certain what next for me to do; my immediate task -- gather the elements that make up New Horizons and its various initiatives and bundle them together for our next movements forward. But how and what I should do next I am not quite certain about, based on this new updated version of me.

For starters -- in the course of gathering “old” New Horizons together for its revitalization – and – growing into what we have become today, we have, certainly, put ourselves, both personally and professionally, on the line to be examples of “walking the walk.”  And, then, there is, also, the part about me, executive director and founder (i.e. birther of this baby), still being more than a bit like Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall.

So I sit here, wondering; how are we, now, to go about that; being our best possible individuals and a non-profit organization intent on aiding a possible society in motion to fulfill its potential, as best we/it can?
Have you any ideas of what you would most like to see from us? 

We would welcome your help in lighting our path to answer the question of how we, now, best move forward from here to there.

Here are the threads we have gathered, thus far of what we have presently in motion –
More to come, now that we are returned from vacation.

Share your thoughts, ideas and input on how we can all work together to get from “here to there” by joining Jack Slattery, my co-host, and I tomorrow evening for further contemplation on this theme and on-air discussion.
Thursday, August 15,  6:30 p.m. on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anastasia and Sue -- on vacation in Canada

Greetings from Canada
from Anastasia and Sue

Darn! Didn’t have a minute to spare, trying to get out the door for vacation, so here I am better late than never; saying hello, saying good-bye.
More later when we return sometime around August 15.

From Anastasia, living this week at a luxurious Canadian island cabin (except it has no electric).