Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Possible Society In Motion Community Development Model

Note: The Possible Society In Motion Community Development Model had formerly been named the Counterculture Development Model. It was renamed as per New Horizons Board of Directors decision, July 14, 2013.


the Counterculture Community Development Model
*Renamed the Possible Society In Motion Community Development Model, 7/14/2013
Charlie Brotman, my former public relations agent, offered me the following wisdom from his many years of experience as Washington’s number one public relations agent.
Goddess rising!
“If you want us to publicize what you have to market on the pages of the "Washington Post," as you are requesting, lay it out for us as well-defined as a couch. This is what we need in order to sell it.”
That was in about 1997, just before I lost my eyesight (1998). Charlie had been my press agent in the late ‘60s. I had been his very first client, after he left the Washington Senators baseball team.

Now I was wanting to return as his client, many years later, to promote my forthcoming books, the myriad programsof New Horizons and our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center as a training and healing center.

“Well, Charlie, a long time has passed since that time and a good deal has happened. But I haven’t ever stopped trying to figure out how to  give you that “couch,” so I could get back on your list of clients, again. Even if I am not number one, any longer, here is my best shot to date.”
Today, I/we are introducing New Horizons’ “couch.” Otherwise to be known as the --

Counterculture Community Development Model.
*Renamed the Possible Society In Motion Community Development Model, 7/14/2013

(The last business Charlie named for me was the U.S. "Male" Service, circa 1967.)

If I’ve got it now, soon it will be time for the –
Return of a goddess (who be me)!

More to come.

Monday, June 24, 2013

We came together

We came together last Saturday to celebrate the Summer Solstice and enumerable triumphs, both personal and collective, that New Horizons has attained. We were Intent on giving, from this bounty, all that we can that is the very best of ourselves, individually and together. And, I do believe we accomplished this mission.

Today and for a few days forward from now, I want to take time to discover for myself, integrate and prepare to share what this celebration meant for me, personally, and for those to whom it was offered, and for those who will benefit in the future that will grow out of the fruits of this labor.

For now my words are still within, unspoken as far as coherent communication is possible.

As a result, I contacted my radio show co-host, jack Slattery, following consultation with Sue, to reschedule tonight's show. I need to take the time I/we need so that we can present a radio program with some degree of conviction. I had intended for this show to derive from two important quotes; one by Margaret Mead and one by Mahatma Gandhi, as the jumping off point.

This is a complex endeavor, from my end, that will need tending to. Thus the show, titled "Never doubt that a small group..", will be broadcast on Thursday evening, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Please feel welcome to join us for our broadcast discussion for this show. And for the extended conference call-in discussion that follows. Here is the link for that program.

In the meantime the photograph posted here that was taken by me last night, just before sundown will, likely, speak words without words for those of you who gathered with me, from start to finish on Saturday.

Thank you so much. to those who were most involved in preparing for this celebration, Sue deVeer and Leslie Pickett -- and -- to those who attended, from start to finish. Not everyone did, herein lay the creative tension I was after in my design for the day.

 With gratitude and affection.


Friday, June 14, 2013

From the board members of New Horizons Support Network, Inc.

About New Horizons Executive Director and Founder, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, and her views on transforming the Dark Side of the U.S.A.
Dear blog readers,
We, the members of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. Board of Directors know, full well, that -- given the scope of our organizations programs, projects, developmental underpinnings and the conceptual framework upon which all these have been built -- our package is enormous. And, often times, more likely, difficult to nail down.
We understand this and we don’t like it. We know you do not either, as we get our share of complaints on this limitation of ours, now and then.
Anastasia Rosen-Jones
New Horizons
Executive Director and Founder

However, with a visionary such as our founder and executive director, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, at the helm of this vessel we are crewing, we have found naught else to do other than to sail forth in the manner and at the tempo that seems most unifying to us of our many parts.
Nonetheless, in consideration of the frustration this pace evokes in you, we are offering the following links about our esteemed director with the hopes that they may, in some small way, shed light on your curiosities and allay your vexations.
Find out more about Anastasia -- her theories on the Dark Side and its transformation, her principles for culture-wide systemic change – and – her visionary capacity that was greatly enhanced by term of blindness -- at the following links.
·         Anastasia, "Finding Light In The Darkness"  --- Frederick News Post, August 6, 2006;
·         Anastasia, losing her eyesight and discovering Murat Yagan, New Horizons community development mentor.
Also, be sure to listen to Anastasia on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show as she attempts, with the aid of co-host, Jack Slattery, to articulate some of the essential concepts, underlying New Horizons’ package of principles for Dark Side and culture-wide transformation.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Study Reporting Expansion Announced

Dear New Horizons and Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants and supporters,

 As of June 8, reports on the progress and to-date findings of our study are being published to an expanded audience.

New Horizons Executive
Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Check out our report titled "Study Spotlights Resistance" on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network site with a readership noted to be over 300,000 per month.

This is a superb web site for all to explore if peace action on every level, all the way to the most involved on an international level is of interest to you.

Our link below


Below copied from my blog post on Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Study Spotlights Resistance
Posted by Anastasia Rosen Jones on June 8, 2013 at 1:00pm

The Possible Human, Possible Society Study, now being sponsored by the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. through December 31, 2015, is shining a light on some of the discrepancies between “talking the talk” and walking the walk.”

To date several interesting discoveries have been found, even in these early stages. The study was officially launched January 1, 2012 to explore attitudes and activities of four hundred individuals in four select sub-groups of the population, residing within the one hundred mile radius of the Washington, D.C. White House.
Ask one hundred of these people what their vision of a healthfully functioning U.S.A. looks like to them in the coming four to six years ahead. You will find that better than fifty percent will identify unity in this country as one of the top five attributes of their personal vision.

Ask these same one hundred individuals about their own personal levels of interactive participation, to help make this unity happen and you might discover, as we are doing, that the percentage who do this drops significantly below ten percent.
Isn’t that interesting? But probably not too surprising, eh?

New Horizons, also sponsoring the new Possible Society In Motion Radio Show is, now, discussing the significance of this recent finding and phenomenon in its weekly episodes.
Please join us for this forum which has overcoming polarization as its overarching theme, currently.

The Possible Society In Motion Show is broadcast live on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. (and sometimes on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. for special guests and topics).
A quote from Neale Donald Walsch "The Storm Before the Calm" makes our point.

"How is it possible that 6.9 billion people can all claim to want the same thing (peace, security, opportunity, prosperity, happiness, and love) and be singularly unable to get it"?
New Horizons aims to shine some light on this quandary, along with numerous other targets for the study’s objectives.

For information and/or participation in this study, please contact us at:


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Spotlighting Resistance

New Horizons’ Possible Human, Possible Society “Study Spotlights Resistance”

Dear New Horizons and Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants and supporters,

As of today, reports on the progress and to-date findings of our study are being published to an expanded audience.

Check out our report titled "Study Spotlights Resistance" on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network site with a readership noted to be over 300,000.

 Our link below

For information and/or participation in this study, please contact us at:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beyond Adversarialism: The Adventure To Awe

Admittedly climbing the Mountain of Awe is not something in common experience, reaching the peak much less so. Few people can even claim to be making their lives a win-win game.
Still, if we set our sights high enough in terms of what we are aiming for – and – refuse to settle, we might be able to keep ourselves moving toward a betterment of present circumstances.

I know things can seem pretty oppressive and disheartening when you look at where we’ve been heading in this country.  Still, I’m a firm believer that much of this malaise is bolstered by an over-focus on looking for change from the top down, presidents and congress being what they are today, rather than from a bottom up approach.
Talk to us on
The Possible Society In
Motion Radio Show
That means you and I.

I continue to, generally, feel hopeful most of the time; grateful for today with aspirations for tomorrow.
What fuels my optimism is not about government, politics or the economy.

My faith is generated by the people I’ve been meeting and talking’ many of them since our Possible Human, Possible Society Study got off the ground.
In spite of all of our problems – and – personal limitations, even active sabotages I’ve encountered from people who talk as if they knew better, additionally, there are a lot of genuinely dedicated, social action-oriented people. Through volunteer activities and the non-profit sector, many people are walking their talk for a possible society, even if they are doing it imperfectly and at a snail’s pace; day-by-day, at least moving on the right track.

I am genuinely grateful that New Horizons is an involved part of this movement. Perhaps that’s what keeps discouragement at bay for me; taking action, each and every day, with other social action-oriented people, heading in the direction of progress. Though it may seem almost imperceptible at times, I certainly see personal growth in many people who are, at least searching for awe, as if it could be.
In case you, too, are inclined in this direction, consider joining Jack Slattery and myself for our Possible Society In Motion radio talk show forum where we are, at least, actively engaged in discussion on how to build toward the possible.

Beginning next Thursday, June 13, we will be opening our lines to call-ins and would be most happy to hear from you. Dial in at 347.237.5351.
The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show. 

Most Thursday evenings, 6:30 p.m. with an occasional Saturday morning show for special guests and features.
Podcasts of past shows can be listened to 24/7.