Thursday, July 25, 2013

Possible Society in Motion Study Guide Plans Announced

New Horizons’ News of the Day!

If I want to get from “here to there,” what does New Horizons suggest?
Do I have a
dream for a possible...?
New Horizons’ Board of Directors Answer:

(Excerpted (and edited) from Possible Society in Motion Study Guide Fundraising Campaign Proposal– Mission Statement in progress, July 14, 2013.)
In today's world we see human interactions become increasingly polarized.  As an antidote, New Horizons Support Network, Inc. teaches community-building values, skills and practices to apply to personal and collective interactions in small groups and organizations.  We teach "leaning in,” mutuality, reciprocity and taking responsibility in personal relations.

Beginning in the areas closest to home we work towards the best possible among all parties as a foundation for creating the peace we wish to be part of, globally.  Growing beyond polarization to peace is possible within the family, in neighborhoods, schools, businesses, faith congregations and community groups (even the political!), if we do what is needed.
To achieve these objectives, New Horizons is now seeking research and program development money to launch our next education project, the creation of study guides to enhance the impact of our Possible Society In Motion Project.  The aim, here, is to guide and support local, regional and national study groups in learning principles and skills and in putting certain community-building values into practice, first with each other and then more broadly. 

The study guides will help individuals and community groups move forward, utilizing the principles behind our existing Possible Society In Motion Radio Show podcasts and data from our Possible Society In Motion Study to overcome polarization and other forms of negative diversity problems.

 Coming Fall, 2014!
The Possible Society In Motion Study Guide

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Study Renamed by New Horizons’ Board Action

New Horizons News Update!
Annual Board Meeting lays out blueprint for “getting from here to there.”
And, where might that be?
Jack, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, rather clearly articulated (which means kinda sorta) a New Horizons–type answer and vision on last night’s program.
Read all about it!
Here = “Polarized.”
There = “…. Beyond polarization to the possible.”
(Check out the podcast, if you missed the show.
It was a fine one which can give listeners a sense of where Jack stands with a “possible society in motion.”)
For me “getting from here to there” would, of course, be reaching the peak of the Mountain of Awe. After all, anyone can see I’m an idealist.
“Cockeyed” or not, well you be the judge.
On the practical level:
New Horizons Support Network, Inc. had its annual board meeting on Sunday. That always means forward motion for our organization.
Coming soon!
How a couch can be like a bubble.
So here it is -- a brief bit of news on our forward motion to the possible; magic is alive and the earth-plane, grounded practical is about to become more perceptible.
You can’t beat that in my book! Solid on earth and the sky is the limit.
New Horizons is about to develop a new look.

An appearance that is more like a couch than a bubble.  That might help some of our accountant-type followers who are still mystified about our package, but we are not quite there yet.
First things first:

Effective as of Sunday our Possible Human, Possible Society Study has been renamed the
Possible Society In Motion Study
More news to come.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

From here to there in our brave new world

Well, now that we’ve got it what do you (and I) want to do with it, our brave new world, begun the “morning after” election day?
See if you can take a look at the situation without blaming or criticizing; i.e. playing the victim of the "others," whoever they may be). And, without falling into the “life by media, life by internet, life by celebrity” trap.

That’s a big one, that last one, isn’t it?
It is so easy these days to live vicariously with all the open portals for money-making or at least getting “hit points” out of how you spend your resources; your days, nights and weekends, online.

I’ve got an idea for you, if you think you might like a bit of real, live human contact with an ever-unfolding adventure of higher consciousness and meaningful connections.
Stay tuned in, but only briefly, to what will be posted here. Only long enough to pick up some tips here and/or from our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show on New Horizons Counterculture Development Model and how we ae guiding and supporting others, as well as ourselves, to live by our Small “Zones of Peace” iniative’s signature quote –

"We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won't be used." - Mahatma Gandhi

Then go on out for a walk or a hike or a tennis date, a conversation at your nearest coffeehouse, or find out how you can join New Horizons at one of its upcoming community building gatherings.

(Next New Horizons Community Building Event at Harpers Ferry, scheduled for Saturday, September 22.)
We are all about “leaning in” and getting past the Pretender Peace Buddy Syndrome and its accompanying symptomology (See this link, “Are you someone who…”, section 2, attributes of the Dark Side Warrior) that are peddled your way to keep you coming back and paying out, now with instant gratification perks, to the advantage of others at the expense of all, eventually.

Try people building. It starts on the ground and makes its way up high.
It’s essentially free, sans the investments of your mind and heart and the rewards are priceless!

More to come.