Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How To Carry Out Your Civic Duty To Help Make Telling The Truth The American Way

As I said in a recent blog, it is your civic duty to stop the flagrant disregard for truth running rampant throughout our society, especially if you are an American citizen!

Next the question arises of how to do that.

Is It Truth Or Not? on my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site has one suggestion for starters.

Why Telling The Truth Is So Hard has other ideas for your perusal and Watching A President Lie might motivate you with its sensitivity about the theme. 

And this link lead will lead you to a whole cache of selected articles.Dig into them, again and again. They are filled with nuggets of wisdom on truth telling!

Then, if you are duly inspired, join New Horizons and its developing following to take up the task of Making Violence Obsolete by making your pledge to learn, if you don't already know how, to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And, make that everyday fare in all your relationships!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Beyond Polarization: What Does It Take?

Does it matter to you that we are a nation of polarized people?

It sure does me! 

In fact, not only does Donald Trump and his divisiveness upset and scare me, what is now going on with people who voted different ways from one another breaks my heart.

I grew up being kept separate from other kids because I had a bigoted mother who would not allow me to play with kids who were different than me in terms of religious beliefs. 

And we were the minority! 

Isn’t that strange?

The only thing good that came of that was that it showed me how awful it is to be separated from neighbors!

I hate being separated from others. This is the main reason the efforts of the New Horizons Small ‘Zones of Peace” Project are what they are today; a full blown set of programs and projects to help all varieties of people come together.

This is now my life’s work. And, I won’t ever stop doing my part as long as I live!

I hope and pray you want all people to be united as much as I do – and – will therefore join me in the steep climb we now have in front of us to reach the destination of “awe.”

We can feel that awe when we come together in times of tragedy such as 9/11. We can feel that awe at a Super Bowl game, the Fourth of July, at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Why not each and every day of the year?

But what does it take to go beyond polarization?

Here are two essential beginning strategies --

Leaning In
Dialogue versus debate

If your heart is aching like mine these days over the state of our nation. And, you want something to do about it, keep following my blogs, on all three sites (here, Anastasia The Storyteller and Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime)  and the programs and projects New Horizons is offering.

I will be writing posts from here forth that will help you, your family, friends, neighbors and community tackle this challenge, polarization, and move beyond it. And New Horizons wonderful volunteer team, growing day-by-day, will be joining me through our many outreach and training programs and projects.

As a reminder, here are details about our next event ---

More to come.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Immigration To Be Next Coffee House Conversations Topic


Are we in Nazi Germany, circa 1940?

But then again, I don’t want people in my country who are here illegally or are criminals!

My heart is lurching. There are no easy answers!

And, I am after all is said and done, only one person, with meager resources to contribute to such a HUGE, way-beyond-my-capacities issue. 

What can I do to help this nightmare situation?

What to do? What to do?

Next step: I called Sue!

We agreed with the lesson we learned from our dear Pastor George Earle, Jr. when we successfully aided Centennial United Methodist Church in keeping its doors open and beginning to build a bright new future –

Just keep talking! 

If you do that with enough people who share common concerns, solutions will emerge!

Now I am cleared to take our next Coffee House Conversation series where it needs to go. 

We did it at Centennial, help to build a bright, new future when great loss was at hand. Let's do it again now when humane treatment for all is at stake!

Here it is!! A day to be filled with "dialogue rather than debate" and the search for common ground --

“Learning How To Discuss Immigration 
(And Other Social/Political Issues) With Empathy For All Views”

A New Horizons Coffee House Conversation

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Overcoming The Polarization of …. Everything In Our Society and Politics: The Seminar/Workshop

Want to learn how to overcome the polarization of …. everything in our society and politics?

This is the seminar/workshop/training program for you!

Coming soon –on March 4!
  • Main topic: "Learning How To Discuss Immigration (And Other Social/Political Issues) With Empathy For All Views"
  • Experienced facilitators are needed, contact Anastasia, details below.
We are polarized! No doubt about it!

But Polarization does not need to be a way of life! 

Meaningful conversation (and mutual support) can be your style.

That’s the “Zones of Peace” way, the exceptional way, the life as art way.

Overcoming The Polarization of Everything

This event will–
  • Help you begin to develop conversation skills to be a community bridge-builder (also with your family, friends and work associates);
  • Begin to teach you "the art of" how to do your civic duty by speaking truth to power in ways that have impact and a high success rate for change;
  • Begin to teach you the art, the heart and the magic of leaning in rather than polarizing, withdrawing or any other form of separating;
  • Provide you with a non-partisan, supportive environment within which to discuss and sort out any stress our current social and political climate may be causing you;
Saturday, March 4, 2017 
2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Frederick Friends Meeting House
723 N. Market Street

Potluck (or dinner out together) follows program. 
Bring a dish to share and/or check ahead to find out our plan.

A small “zone of peace” can be anywhere.

Why not join us in building a “zone of peace” in Frederick’s backyard and beyond? 
(Outside area guests also welcome.)

Be sure to read our many articles on the themes suggested here.

Reserve early, space is limited!
(Donations are encouraged.)

For Details and Reservations, Contact: Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Email: HarpersFerryNH@aol.com Cell: 240.409.5347