Murat's Seven Ways To Knowledge

From “Transformation And The Seven Ways To Knowledge” 

(Books by Murat Yagan and his monograph series are available for purchase through New Horizons Support Network, Inc. as well as through Kebzeh Publications.)

(Note: Murat identifies these as “ways” in his monograph. I am interpreting them, here, as “levels.” They are presented as a progression, one building upon the other. In practice, however, they typically overlap.)

Level One: Telling. Murat states: “The first way to knowledge is by being told. There are certain things one can know only by being told.”

"I will be right back," Mother tells the infant who is anxious, sensing she may be leaving the room.

Level Two: Showing. Murat states that “The second way to knowledge is by physical contact.”  Gaining knowledge through our five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting.

Mother shows the infant, by holding it and speaking to it, that she is present.

Show and Tell” seems an apt label, we think, for what Sue and I offer as New Horizons' offical tour guides on our Bus Ride Story Adventure. We are the "tellers" of Murat’s original Bus Ride Story when we read his story to you. 

Then we become the  "show-ers" when we guide you through the adventure as an interactive process.  

Storytelling, which is an intrinsic aspect of all New Horizons' programs, invites those present to "show and tell." Thus storytelling becomes a vehicle for building bridges of understanding with one another; each of us both student and teacher. 

Listen in to New Horizons' radio show broadcasts on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show Join co-hosts, Anastasia Rosen-Jones and Jack Slattery, as they tell their stories and share insights to co-create a Possible Society in Motion Conversations Forum with guests and other  participants .

Level Three: Study: Murat offers this example, “…if you want to know what kind of city it is, how big an area it has, its population, the specific characteristics of the climate, average precipitation a year, then you need to study in order to know these things.” 

The remaining four levels of acquiring knowledge, according to Murat’s offering are:

Knowledge gained by:

Level Four: Understanding;

Level Five: Doing;

Anastasia and Sue, combined between them, have accrued close to one hundred years of study time, comprehension and practical application, "doing," time on individual and collective transformation. This has enabled New Horizons to develop its Cultural Mediation Model to its present spectacular level. (And, we aren't even "old" yet!)

Level Six: Feeling;

Level Seven: Being.

Beyond Levels One through Five: Sue and I are, in some ways, as much students as teachers/tour guides. We are, however, grateful we have been able to travel this far though the other levels still challenge us, daily.  We have been fortunate to have wonderful mentors, such as Murat and Marty Groder and Barry Morley, one of Sue's greatest teachers, to guide us thus far.

We are, also, passionate and skillful as teachers who want to travel with you. And, we are hoping you will want to travel with us by sharing in our up coming Bus Ride Story Adventure events. We have a distinct destination in mind; the Mountain of Awe

Reaching the peak of this mountain has certain special characteristics, procedures, rituals and practices. The primary characteristic is that it is a work of co-creation; an experiential learning process. New Horizons offers this adventure as an opportunity for participants to have an experience, albeit breifly, to be an active part of an exceptional community. 

Murat offered us a window into the essence of that experience with these words. 
“If you want to go further and say, “I want to “know it,” then the way of knowing must be different. In order to “know it” you have to be there, not just read about it, or see a picture, or a movie, or a travel agency brochure.   
To know this adventure is to participate in it.

And, travel from start to finish of the trip! 

Our destination is to climb to the peak of the Mountain Of Awe with you. 

Every intention upon which our every action is predicated is geared toward this