Thursday, January 4, 2018

About New Horizons “Beyond Gender Tyranny” Movement

  • Mending the broken fences of male-female relationships. 
  • Building bridges of compassion and understanding
New Horizons’ Small “Zones of Peace” Project Wants Stories: #MeToo Stories, Especially From Women – And – Stories From Men, Now Being Called On The Carpet, As A Group --

Participate in helping us build an eventual county-wide (and beyond) male-female support network. (We might need to separate the sexes to get started. But we need to come together, ultimately, if wholeness and health is our true agenda.)

*A note on our geographical parameters. Because the New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" model is based on establishing and sustaining community health within small "zones of peace, we have found both our comfort level and an ease of application for initiating new programs in Frederick County Maryland for several reasons. 

These reasons do not limit us, in any way, to going beyond Frederick. But give us a much needed necessary simplicity for developing our various projects in an area 1. We believe to be exemplary in honoring diversity; 2. We experience as stable while at the same time expansive and innovative; 3. We know to incorporate a cosmopolitan lifestyle with that of a small town atmosphere; and last, but not least is located only miles from our headquarters and retreat center in Harpers Ferry.

Please get involved!  This is important! 

You can participate in person, by phone and online. We are as close as you wish.

How you can participate –
  • Encourage your agency, group, organization or individuals to attend a bag lunch discussion on the #MeToo impact in Frederick (and beyond) (Possibly in March or April). If you want our talents and experience and cannot come to us, we'll come to you;

  • Help us design a feasibility study for how we might develop a county-wide (for any county) initiative to raise the bar for female respect, safety and security in Frederick (and beyond);

  • Encourage the males you know, or yourself, if you are male, to participate in the New Horizons “Beyond Gender Tyranny Study, Part I,” examining male views and needs for navigating our present male-female troubled waters. Most important, wherever you are.

  • Invite Anastasia to address your group or organization with her research findings and clinical experience from her more than forty years of experience working with adult, male-female power and dependency issues. 

  • Attend New Horizons next male-female discussion forum on gender disparity (see below).
"Beyond Gender Tyranny"
A One-Day Seminar And A Movement
A Consciousness Raising Forum For Overcoming Today’s Gender Polarization

Date and Time: TBA
Reserve early! 
Donations are encouraged, suggested amount: $30. (No one excluded due to monetary limitations.)

For Details and Reservations, Contact: Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Email: Cell: 240.409.5347

Be sure to read our many articles on the theme of “Beyond Gender Tyranny” 

Your opportunity to be a gender tyranny game-changer. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

“Beyond Gender Tyranny Project” Part I Announced

A Survey Of Male Perspectives and Personal “Needs” To End Gender Tyranny

Gender Tyranny can be a two way street; men strong arming, dominating, violating and manipulating women, women getting even in passive and subtlely violent and controlling ways.

Both ways are savage and unfit for modern men and women.

Let's put a stop to all of it now!

Check back for further details in coming days.

Men interested in participating by sharing your views on items such as –
  • What do you make of the recent fallout from Harvey Weinstein/Matt Lauer scandals?
  • What do you make of the #Metoo movement?
  • How are any or all of these situations; Harvey Weinstein/Matt Lauer scandals/the #Metoo movement, impacting you personally? 
Contact Anastasia at: or 
Cell: 240.409.5347

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bye Bye 2017. Hello 2018!

Our New Year's Pledge To You -- 

To do our best to help overcome gender polarization.

Who would've thought --- that beginning the year 2017 , as we did, immersed in the polarization of politics, we would end the year, adding gender polarization to the growing list of issues that divide people from one another.When and how will unity ever find its rightful place in the affairs of men and women?

At New Horizons, we are still after that prize; person to person and community unity on the level of exceptional, so -- the New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project now announces its next contribution to the overcoming of the polarization of all peoples -- 

“Beyond Gender Tyranny” 
The Study, Programs,  Storytelling Projects and More

For Men Only! Beyond Gender Tyranny 
The Study, Part 1 

Look for details -- Coming Soon!

Wishing you a joyful and liberating New Year, 2018!

From Anastasia and the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” 
Board of Directors

Anastasia, Lynn, Lisa, Steve, Sue and Terry 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

As The Year Ends, Considering “Forgiveness: The Gift We Give Ourselves”

This has been as Humpty Dumpty a year as I can remember, except for the year, 1998, I lost my eyesight. In the midst of one upheaval after another, few of them yet to show much in the way of a positive “we’re moving onward and upward” momentum, I was pleased an opportunity came my way to use one of my greatest strengths; adeptness at managing the process of forgiveness. By writing a semi-regular column on the topic for Frederick’s Child Magazine, I discovered I could put pen to paper, so to speak, to make good use, for others, from some of what I've gained in this area, both personally and professionally, in my close to forty-five years in the mental health field, as a psychotherapist and as an educator.

I hope you can take some inspiration from my words. There are so many upsets and troubles facing us from almost everywhere these days that it seems appropriate at this year’s ending to remind ourselves that no matter the loss, grievance or disappointment, in being our human best, we must make room in our hearts for compassion – and – forgiveness, if we are to wipe the slate clean as we head into a new year of possibilities to come. This is the heart of resilience, one of humanity’s greatest potentialities and our pathway to lifting the human spirit.

“Forgiveness: The Gift We Give Ourselves”
(Link from cover to "The Importance of Forgiveness" or go to page 18)

By Anastasia Rosen-Jones as published in …

Frederick’s Child Magazine (link from cover to "The Importance of Forgiveness" or go to page 18)
December/January 2018

Courtesy of Frederick’s Child Magazine 

The holiday season naturally turns the mind and heart to celebration. Along with this, there is sometimes poignancy; an unmet yearning dashed. We sense regret when we are reminded of losses of the year passing, opportunities unrealized. Disappointments, such as a career promotion that passed us by or a college admission to a choice university a graduating senior son or daughter may not have been granted. 

The holiday season brings a time of reflection. This is human nature, if we are attuned to our inner selves.

Big losses or disappointment and small ones come to mind, as we rev up for the joy and frivolity of the holiday season. By the time gifts and wrapping paper have been put away, overstuffed bellies and the pounds gained from sugar sprinkled cookies, rum fruited cakes and egg nog accumulated, we turn our thoughts to the coming new year. Hearts and minds, boosted by good intentions, we can’t help but take a glance or two back at what has been. 

As Christmas/Chanukah/the Haj and the Winter Solstice make way for the New Year, people consider how to better themselves. This too is human nature. The notion of forgiveness slips naturally into this contemplation. With these natural rhythms, the holiday season becomes an ideal time to introduce children to the notion of forgiveness, with its accompanying letting go of that which did not come to fruition. 

But what is forgiveness? And how does it operate?

I think of forgiveness as a gift each of us gives ourselves. In gifting ourselves, we also provide a caring gift to another; a gift that does not stop giving, as forgiveness opens the door to almost endless opportunities, unforeseen. The action of forgiving, not only enables us to acquire resilience, but allows us to accept what isn’t. Taking this route, we find ourselves, instead of mired in disappointments, resentments and depression, rising above these. 

Forgiveness can be thought of as an action; the act of coming to terms with a loss or disappointment, allowing us to place it in an appropriate perspective; a new positioning that brings unexpected rewards.  

As an action or series of actions, the work of forgiveness is akin to working through the cycles of grief. Thus forgiveness becomes a process not an event. We take responsibility to move through the denial or minimizing of our loss or disappointment, find ways to move through anger, resentment, despair or hopelessness, coming to a stage of accepting.

Working through emotions called up by a need for forgiving can be a lengthy process, depending upon the impact and significance of a disappointment, a loss or, in some cases a betrayal. 

One of the most touching acts of forgiveness I heard of recently had to do with the death of nine year old Cecilia Kathryn "Lily Kate" Powell of Lawrenceville, Georgia. 

Lily Kate, as she was called, passed away as the result of an auto accident. The driver, whose trailer plowed into Lily Kate’s mother, Jennifer’s vehicle, was charged with second degree vehicular homicide. In Love Like Lily: A Story Of Forgiveness, Lily’s family is described this way –
“Amid a family’s mourning, they learn how to forgive the man who caused their daughter’s unexpected and sudden death.”
In an equally dramatic story, the parents of Ashanti Billie whose dead body was found behind a church in Charlotte, North Carolina, have started the Ashanti Foundation with the goal of offering a scholarship to a deserving, graduating student.

These displays demonstrate heroism, demanding strength and determination, to reverse untenable circumstances. They exemplify that which parents can do best -- teach forgiveness, by example. Parental role modeling has to be number one; not only as a concept, but, more importantly, as a demonstration of what to do to move through disappointment, loss, resentment and anger. 

In contrast not forgiving brings with it broken relationships, aborted opportunities for healthy growth and development, blocked physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  In addition to role modeling, other ways parents can assist children in developing healthy forgiveness skills are:
  • Guiding children to other role models such as faith leaders;
  • Talking to children about ethics;
  • If children feel/think they have been injured by others, helping them  find positive ways to discuss this and heal and/or problem solve;
  • Helping children to grow from such circumstances and find peace within themselves.
In these ways we foster the healthiest of growth and learning in our children. 

The first important step of the forgiveness process is to resolve to do it! Next, we can then learn the skills of the “how to.”

Anastasia Rosen-Jones, a retired psychotherapist, is the Executive Director of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc, a non-profit organization, sponsoring the Small “Zones Of Peace” Project. Ms. Rosen-Jones specializes in community development and violence prevention training. Read her bio here. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Beyond Gender Tyranny: Press Release

New Horizons Pledges Development Of County-Wide Gender Gap Bridge-Building Support Network

The New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” Project, known throughout Frederick County for its Coffee House Conversations bridge-building efforts in the areas of race and citizen-police relations, has announced plans to update its former, decidedly impactful, city-wide support network approach.

From the mid-1980s into the early 21st century, New Horizons sponsored a full-fledged, highly successful, city- wide support network, addressing male female relationship problems. With ongoing support groups in Montgomery, Prince Georges and Frederick Counties and Northern Virginia, boosted by day-long educational seminars and monthly training, weekend retreats, the project became a mainstay for both men and women facing the kinds of gender imbalance presently filling our daily news cycles, prompted by sexual harassment and abuse scandals from Hollywood to New York City and all points between and beyond.

In response to this outpouring, the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project, headed by Executive Director and Founder, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, is now pledging to revitalize its support network model for Frederick County.  To this end, the organization will now seek: 1. Collaboration with other organizations, groups, agencies and individuals to help develop a Frederick County Male-Female Support Network; 2. Develop a feasibility study to chart out strategies for the project; and 3. Bring together the many voices of our community that have gender-based, power imbalance concerns.

Ms. Rosen-Jones, a retired psychotherapist with more than forty years of experience in the mental health field, suggests that these sexual harassment and abuse scandals now offer our community an occasion to raise the bar for male-female relationships in Frederick.  “Whatever is now falling out, locally, from the national tsunami of scandals and #Metoo repercussions, can become an opportunity in Frederick County,” Ms. Rosen-Jones stated. 

Ms. Rosen-Jones, who is also a member of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) workgroup, a project of the Frederick County Health Department’s Local Health Improvement Plan (LHIP)—an effort including, too, Frederick County United Way, the Frederick County Mental Health Association, and other local agencies and organizations—states: Frederick United Way, the Mental Health Association and other local agencies and organizations, states, 

“There is a strong correlation between what we do as ACE activists and what New Horizons is proposing here.  From recent trends revealed in the reporting of sex and power related problems in the workplace as well as elsewhere, the main victims appear to be women and mothers.  

With secrets buried deep within, victims, who may have never thought, previously, to seek help, find themselves rearing children, with the added burden of carrying unhealed trauma wounds that can impact their young ones. As our ACE task is to assist children – and – families who experience adverse conditions, we may find our community benefiting, if we offer support and guidance to adult survivors, both male and female, in some new ways beyond current provisions, outside of immediate domestic violence crises. This is what our support network will be designed to accomplish. ” 

New Horizons Support Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers programs designed to teach interpersonal and community development skills and strategies through the model of its “Small Zones of Peace” Project initiative. 

Information about the organization can be found throughout this site. Also, read Ms. Rosen-Jones’ bio on her Women’s Studies research and the intersect between the co-dependent i.e. passive addict/co-dependent and the aggressive/power addict.  

For further details Ms. Rosen-Jones can be reached at: 240.409.5347 or

Friday, November 24, 2017

New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project Announces New Gender Gap Bridge-Building Support Network!

New Horizons is moving into action, intent on bridging the gender gap!

Over Thanksgiving we asked ourselves -

How Are The Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Scandals And The #Metoo Movement Going To Effect Our Community? 

And what can we do to reach the high barre on this?

Here is how we answered (Because we know the ropes on this one, read on to give yourself a holiday lift if all this scandal chaos is intruding!) -- 

Our first steps will be on the local level, in Frederick County, Maryland.  Once we have some traction there, we will be open to coming to your community, as organizers and facilitators. 

Wherever you are, we are ready to assist with crisis management, moving through the cultural upheaval of women and men that we now have at hand.

This is crisis turned into opportunity! 

Please join us as we do our utmost to overcome gender polarization at this time!

Also see Anastasia The Storyteller’s posts on how Anastasia is addressing the fallout from the cultural tsunami fallout; the potential for male-female polarizing, out of the Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sexual harassment and abuse scandals.

Here’s a rough draft of our plan, as it is to be announced in the coming weeks.

News Update! 
For release: December 10, 2017

How Are The Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Scandals And The #Metoo Movement Going To Effect Our Community?

The New Horizons Support Network – and – our partnering organizations want to know!

None of us are far removed from these recent events, in Frederick County and everywhere else throughout this country (fill in the blank with your locale), as to not be impacted by them – in our work lives and in our personal lives. There are culture wide-challenges coming out of these events that New Horizons and its Small “Zones of Peace” Initiative are uniquely equipped to address. 

(We are presently awaiting copyright permission from one of Washington, D.C.’s major newspapers, on a feature article that showcases just how expert we are in this area, before we spill on our full qualifications in this area! When you find out more, you are likely to be impressed! And we won’t mind). 

Here’s our scoop. We are hoping you will contribute your perspectives and ideas for problem solving and referrals to help us develop a strategy to tend to these issues. 

And, of course, given that we are a non-profit organization, 501 C (3), we will always welcome your time, talent and treasures. (We now take gifts in kind, as donations, that can be resold on ebay.)

In the service of healing ACE Adverse Childhood Experiences in adult female, survivors (or more recent sex harassment/abuse traumas, not involving domestic violence or other crisis management such as individual therapy) needs, showing up, more intensely, at this time, our intentions are to provide the following 

Support, Education, Dialogue, Empowerment, Compassion and Consciousness Raising, Storytelling

In the service of bridging the gender gap, our intentions are to provide the following to women and men committed to growing towards one another (not a substitute for individual or couples counseling) --

Support, Education, Dialogue, Consciousness and Compassion Raising, Storytelling Exchanging

Here’s our back story

In 1987 (See Washington Times article, March 4, 1987) New Horizons, the non-profit organization, sponsoring the Small "Zones of Peace" initiative, launched a city-wide support network on relationship and personality addictions, with ongoing groups throughout the D.C. area and in Frederick County. 

This network provided support groups, individual and group therapy and monthly retreat weekends, focusing on treating relationship problems (i.e. co dependency, traditionally female addictions ) and personality addictions, especially addictions to power, money, status, lust, righteousness and control, traditionally male addictions).

(Again We are presently awaiting copyright permission from one of Washington, D.C.’s newspapers, The Washington Times, on a feature article that showcases our expertise in this area, before we spill on just how qualified we are in this area!). 

The program ran for close to twenty years, with ongoing support groups, educational programs and weekend training seminars and retreats. In doing this, we effected change in the lives of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who participated in our various programs, or those who were impacted, peripherally, by our approach. Our unique methodology saved lives, healed relationships and transformed countless individuals, couples and families.

Toward the end of its run, the program diminished, as Anastasia Rosen-Jones, our Executive Director and Founder, lost her eyesight and needed a long-term sabbatical. (See Anastasia’s bio and additional background information.

Moving Forward

The New Horizons Support Network is pledged to now bring its innovative support network approach out of cold storage, prompted by the Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood sex harassment and abuse scandals and the societal tsunami it has brought about.

Here is how we intend to put this renewal plan into motion –

Information gathering - the design of a feasibility study on how best to proceed in our local community (our identified small “zone of peace”) is now underway. Interviewees needed. 

We will even assist you in telling and recording your stories, if appropriate for you – and archiving them in the StoryCorps Library of Congress/Official New Horizons Small "Zones Of Peace" Storytelling Collection,  on related topics to this present issue we are now addressing, if it will help your healing;

Updated support network approach  -- now being assessed, intending to meet present needs. Partnering individuals, groups and organizations are needed;

Timeline: We are hoping to have our new, upgraded support network structure ready for public participation sometime in March.

Please contribute to this effort! We need your support and help!

Contact Anastasia for details at: or Cell: 240.409.5347