Monday, July 16, 2018

New Horizons Executive Director’s Ethics Complaint Filing Prompts Partial Leave-Taking

As moved by the New Horizons Board of Directors at the Sunday, July 15 meeting, Executive Director and Founder, Anastasia Rosen-Jones will immediately cut back, by half, her working hours, on behalf of New Horizons, as Chief Administrator of operations. 

This initiative, on Anastasia’s behalf, encouraged by the board has been suggested to aid Anastasia’s management of the inordinate time and emotional pressures now being demanded of her, regarding the personal healing and
Anastasia's Liberation =
Climbing The Mountain of Awe!
reconciliation she is seeking out of her “gender tyranny” complaint submission to the Ethics Committee of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). 

  • The complaint was tendered to the ITAA against a former TA trainer of Anastasia’s for sexual harassment and power-abuse tyranny.

For details of Anastasia’s Ethics Complaint submission, read Anastasia’s blog series titled “Ethics Complaint Update" at this link.  

For additional details in this regard, directly relevant to New Horizons, look for future posts on the topic of Anastasia’s partial leave-taking from New Horizons on this site.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Is About …

Tune in this coming Saturday as Anastasia and co-host, Steve, survey the terrain to be traveled to move beyond gender tyranny, using the above practices.

Saturday, July 21   11:30 a.m
(Rescheduled just as we were going on the air, due to aftermath repercussions of our flood disaster.)

Want to join our broadcast discussion?
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Our call in number is: (516) 531-9829.
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I, Anastasia, will lead off Saturday’s discussion by describing how the Compassionate Warrior Quiz that you will take to get started with Lesson One and the catalogue of Survival Driven Behaviors of the Online Course will give you a guaranteed path out of gender tyranny!

The real deal! 

Like markers for Hansel and Gretel finding their way back home, the pathway to where the heart truly lies!

Listen to our Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show for tips to get you started. And –

Contact me, Anastasia, for individual, couples, family and group coaching sessions at:

Also look for scheduling of Beyond Gender Tyranny day-long introductory seminars and Truth Or Dare Weekends

Truth or Dare GAME weekends are New Horizons infamous, signature program.

Once you start playing Truth Or Dare you won’t be able to get enough of it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Horizons Annual Board Meeting To Convene On Sunday

Who would have thought fate would have led us here?

And where was “there” and, now, where is our “here,” you might wonder? 

“Here” is the present situation, with New Horizons’ Beyond Gender Tyranny movement, related projects and programs, looking to be, not only our present, but central to our future,  as far as we can see.

And this, alongside the personal upheaval related to the Ethics Complaint, submitted, May 13, by our Founder and Executive Director, Anastasia Rosen-Jones. The complaint was tendered to the Ethics Committee of the International Transactional Analysis Association, Anastasia’s primary professional association of forty-five years. 

Already the process of working through the issues of the complaint, related to charges of sexual harassment and power abuse on the part of one of Anastasia’s long term mentors, is taking her into uncharted territory, personally and professionally.

Such as she has never before seen or experienced!

How the procedures of this intense healing and reconciliation effort will impact the day-to-day operations of New Horizons is anybody’s guess, at this time; much too soon in the unfolding process to determine.

At New Horizons, up against this backdrop, between “then” and “now” much, of enormous proportions, has occurred beyond these personal happening of Anastasia’s. 

(Note added July 12: At the center of these events is the "how" we, as a working board of directors, managed to navigate a brewing polarization among ourselves and re-route it into the synergistic harmony that has uniquely marked the culture of our board since its inception in 1995.

We are truly "walking our talk." I will delineate some of how we lived out this motto and went from a threatening polarization to get ourselves back in sync in some of the text I will be writing for this summary of events of our past year.

We, the members of New Horizons Board of Directors hope you will understand our process and, thus, our journey to overcome polarization with so much appreciation that you will want some of "IT" for yourselves and invite us to be your guide in achieving the same in whatever venue is of central importance to you in your life.

Check out our link on "Exceptional Community Building" to read a selection of articles that demonstrate the challenges we were facing, among ourselves, last year at this time, and how we pulled ourselves through to get ourselves back to synergy.)

Starting below is a summary of some of our key transitioning events of the past year, as the New Horizons Board Of Directors prepares, now, for its annual board meeting, scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 15.

One of the most important resolutions of New Horizons 2017 Annual Board Meeting, was that Anastasia, our “best kept secret,” was to, now, emerge out of her hidey hole where she had kept her past professional experiences and expertise mainly behind closed doors. By this time last year, however, that space had grown too confining for her – and -- a bit limiting in terms of how the future of New Horizons was to be shaped.

As we, at New Horizons, are always a part of the whole organism of our local area, our region, our nation and the world, intent on serving these various spheres, “Thinking globally, acting locally,” is one of our main guiding principles. 

And – given that these realms were being turned upside down, mostly brought about by the social and political mayhem, following the 2016 presidential election, as we saw it, Anastasia, in keeping with that which she has believed to be her destiny, was feeling more and more called to, somehow, make her return to the D.C. fast track that had been her initiation into adulthood  -- and – to which she has always had strong kinship and allegiance.

This situation, we realized, as we approached last year’s board meeting agenda, had the potential for creating a conflict of interest situation within our organization, with Anastasia heading it. Thus we began, seriously, considering a separation between New Horizons and Anastasia.

Because we, by mandate of our 501 C 3 status, are bound to remain apolitical, and have been doing our best to remain so – and – although we have been highly impacted upon by the results of the last presidential election, we were more than aware that maintaining that dictate seemed to be at odds with Anastasia’s personal and professional goals

Thus, at last year’s board meeting, our main resolution, to be implemented immediately following it, was to formally announce the separating of New Horizons and Anastasia. We would do this, initially with a press release announcing our plan. 

You can read that press release here.

But how, in actuality, were we to separate the two became our next challenge.

After all, it was Anastasia who gave birth to New Horizons. And, that many years ago, with our forerunner, Anastasia’s private psychotherapy practice, dating back to 1973!

A recap of New Horizons transitioning events, paralleling all that was going on with us, beyond us and in the world around us, is in order. I will offer this review in readable portions, in order to assist you, our loyal readers, in having a glimpse of what has been going on behind the scenes at New Horizons and how that these happenings are shaping what you are and will be getting from us, from here forth.

I begin with New Horizons Annual Board Meeting of 2017. One of the most important resolutions of that meeting, as I have stated, was that we announced the biggest shift we have ever had -- New Horizons “best kept secret,” the life and world, both personal and professional of our Founder and Executive Director, M. Anastasia Rosen-Jones, would no longer be hidden away.

For Anastasia coming out of her long held storage chest, maybe a genie’s bottle is more like it, into high public visibility (how high we could only imagine) was to be no small task. She had done it before, becoming an overnight entrepreneurial celebrity and hadn't much liked it!

To be continued with “When The Personal Becomes Political And The Political Personal.”

Look for details on future postings for the extended report.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Can A Man Truly Be Innocent, If Charged With Assault?

Out of the blue, or so it seems, my Anastasia The StorytellerBeyond Gender Tyranny, The Online Course co-host, Steve, has been charged with physical assault against a female.

Isn’t that something else!!!! 

He says he’ innocent!

"No, not me," he says.

I believe him. 

Where do we go from here?

As a professional coach, as well as a retired psychotherapist with forty-five years of experience working with both subtle violence and full-blown violence in relationships, I have been involved with this couple, extensively, diagnosing the woman as seriously dysfunctional and unstable, even vicious, at times. 

I would, if need be, stand by Steve in court should he ask me to do so, though things have not gotten this far, yet. I believe in his innocence however. Of course, I could be wrong. I wasn’t actually on the scene.

For the time being there is merely a restraining order on the docket and the complications that go with it, such as stipulations, for thirty days, no contact between the parties, and she is to get her things out of his house, asap, where she had been living with him for close to three years.

Needless to say Steve is in a tense situation these days. How very fortuitous for our radio show programming. Kinda makes me wonder, if the gods haven’t gone a bit crazy, again, on our behalf, in this time of #MeToo.

So here it is; gender tyranny now being featured in my own backyard: first, me with my all-pervading Ethics Complaint against a former professional mentor where I am the complainant, next Steve, an identified perpetrator. #MeToo and gender tyranny is everywhere!

Those crazy gods, somewhere out in the universe, seem to be intent on giving, not only the mainstream media, but us, too, an abundance of material to work with. In our case, for our two radio shows, fertile stuff, as all get out, to make for rich storytelling and story listening, in this era of #MeToo. As if we would have no other resources for our show, beyond ourselves which, of course, is far from the truth these days.

This morning I asked Steve what he would like us to discuss on our forthcoming Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show for this week’s online discussion. His response was that he wanted to talk about how he is now seeing what a woman can do as payback in this day and age, even with a charge against him, which he asserts did not actually occur. 

Last week, when he was still in shock from the police serving him with papers and the court hearing that followed, Steve was all about wanting to “lean in” and look at how he had contributed to this nasty relationship breakup (the relationship wasn’t very good either) that he is now going through.  My guidance for him to be a role model for our Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course listeners, had been for him to point his finger back at himself, rather than casting blame on her,. 

At that point, Steve even went so far as to identify the woman in the situation as “very nice.” 

Later, in listening to our discussion on podcast, I noticed that in a period of less than three minutes, beginning around the seventeen minute mark into the show, Steve went from “she is a very nice woman,” who he held to be his “angel” to “She is not a good person.” and “She would bring me down a lot.”  Obviously he hadn’t yet settled his mind on what she was for him. 

You can hear Steve’s online mental sorting, if you listen to the podcast, in our first Beyond Gender Tyranny, The Online Course lesson, linked here.

This week Steve is beginning to lean in more to feeling set up and being angry.

What comes next, on this new adventure of his – and – consequently for our two radio shows?

For sure, this week’s program will have a lot of Steve storytelling and Anastasia story listening on --

Saturday, June 30 11:30 a.m.

Beyond that, what happens next could be anybody’s guess.

On Steve’s end, last night he bought himself a puppy so he will be less lonely when his former Beloved takes out her belongings this week, including her dog to which he had become attached. 

As for me, I’ve got all kinds of considerations to pay attention to, including my own personal Ethics Complaint, which rather than being difficult to manage these days, is moving forward smoothly with my getting lots of much-needed support and compassion on the part of my professional association where my complaint has been lodged.

So the world turns!

Want to share your gender tyranny stories or your successes of moving beyond gender tyranny, join us on the air this coming Saturday. 

Our call in number is – Guest:  646.564.9608. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Introducing: Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, The Online Course

(Note to radio show listeners: The sound quality on the podcast of this show is uneven, probably do to flood and weather conditions in our area. One minute the sound diminishes. Then it recovers. The substance of this show is worth the effort, nonetheless. However, don't expect to easily comprehend all that is discussed with just one listen.)

Begins this coming Saturday, bringing you great information resources, sponsored by New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace,” Beyond Gender Tyranny Initiative --  to guide you on your adventure of moving beyond gender tyranny.

Blog articles to keep you informed on programs, projects and healthy problem solving perspectives and techniques from our Beyond Gender Tyranny Movement, here, on this New Horizons Blog Site.

Two Online Radio Show programs, with two different #MeToo-oriented tones to provide you with comprehensive discussion forums for giving both men and women guidance, information and support to "move beyond gender tyranny."
  • Anastasia The Storyteller Radio -- for #MeToo-focused discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events;

  • The Possible Society In Motion RadioMoving Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course for – specific steps to take to move beyond gender tyranny traps, into the transforming of #MeToo problems to the good places between men and women for which most of us yearn.
Begins Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Call in number:  (516) 531-9829

Be sure to push 1 on your phone to get into the queue in our studio

Also see our special blog site curriculum pages to guide your progress through your Online Course work, corresponding to our online radio show formats and lessons. 

You can begin working with these now. Click here for:

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny; The Online Course
Lesson One Outline


How do we set the stage to move Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Once this new series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course," is launched, the plan now is for Steve Lebherz, my co-host, and I to alternate weeks between the two shows.  

We will also plan to institute a conference call follow-up forum to our online radio shows, in the coming months, for support and additional discussion.  Look for details!

Join us! Get involved!  
Few other things are this is important!

Monday, June 18, 2018

How Does “Intention” Move Us, Both Men And Women, Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Hear Anastasia and co-host, Steve Lebherz discuss “intention” as an essential part of moving “beyond gender tyranny,” now on the podcast linked below.

Next check out New Horizons’ new page, introducing our Online Course For Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, at this link.

Then, be sure to join Anastasia and Steve this coming Saturday when they launch “Series #2,” their new, online program on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, specially designed to help both men and women move Beyond Gender Tyranny in the #MeToo era.

Introducing The Online Course
Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Join us for our online broadcast
Call in number:  (516) 531-9829

Be sure to push 1 on your phone to get into the queue in our studio

Once this second series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course"  is launched, the plan now is for Steve and Anastasia to alternate weeks between the two shows, Anastasia The Storyteller and the Possible Society In Motion Radio, with the former focused more on discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events and the latter, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, geared toward actual problem solving techniques.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Setting The Stage For Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, Broadcast At Last!

After rescheduling two shows for this topic – and – almost aborting a third for technical difficulties, Steve Lebherz, my new co-host, and I finally got on the air yesterday morning with a program we had been planning for close to a month, Beyond Gender Tyranny: Setting The Stage.  That is, after we got past our first three-four minutes where we didn't even know if we would be able to broadcast.

What chaos!  Most likely still tied to the disaster recovery efforts going on in our area.

However, without doubt, Steve and I definitely accomplished what I was after for this program, building on our first show of this series, If War Is Not The Answer Beyond Gender Tyranny, What Is,?  That outcome was a hard won victory and, now hopefully, also, all future shows will include Steve on a regular basis, as he is a real treat for me to work with; a second win from yesterday's endeavor.

The intent of yesterday's program agenda was to set the stage for our listeners to be able to go on a journey, with us, of untold length, with a definitive destination – moving beyond gender tyranny! 

This objective grew, spontaneously, out of my first show with Steve several weeks back, before heavy thunderstorms and flooding sent everything in our area into upheaval.

Be sure to listen to the podcast of yesterday's lively broadcast where Steve and I begin getting to some of the specifics on how we are gonna move beyond gender tyranny.

Then  join us next week, again, as we continue on to build a pathway out of gender tyranny – going both ways, at times, certainly; most destructively and sometimes fatally from men to women, with a bit of spice from the less powerful position of women fighting back.

Saturday, June 16, 11:30 a.m.

Then look forward to joining us, once more, in two weeks as Steve and I introduce another new series on the Possible Society In Motion Radio, where we will be providing guidance and instruction for listeners on specific steps to take to move beyond gender tyranny traps, into the transforming of #MeToo problems.

Introducing The Online Course
Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Once this second series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course"  is launched, the plan now is for Steve and I to alternate weeks between the two shows, Anastasia The Storyteller and the Possible Society In Motion Radio, with the former focused more on discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events and the latter, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, geared toward actual problem solving techniques.

Also look for a bit of humor, in the midst of all this heavy stuff.  

That just goes with being with Steve.

Both shows will welcome call ins! 

So be sure to keep abreast of details to aid your personal participation.