Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When War Is Not The Answer, Leaning In Might Just Be The Way

I made an excellent choice for my last week’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio show, inviting New Horizons Board Member, Steve Lebherz, to co-host that show with me.

I’ve known Steve for close to three years and have often been rewarded by having his continuous support and, more recently, his devoted participation as a New Horizons Board Member. During this time, I have come to appreciate a certain, very personal manner Steve has, in conducting himself, that often gratifies me.

These attributes, along with a quick wit and an agile mind, coupled with a kind heart brought me a bouquet of delight last Saturday, almost matching the pleasure of my Mother’s Day flowers, sitting in an honored place in the living room, diminishing as they are, now, but still brightening my days.

I make this comparison to highlight the unusual uplifting Steve’s leaning in way of being, with me, on last Saturday’s program brought me.

The bounty for me --- and – for the show came of Steve’s role modeling of the practice of leaning in on that show. Previously he'd asked me what I meant by this term, "leaning in," after his seeing mention of it on an earlier blog post of mine.

However, there he was, live on the air demonstrating the first steps of it, as second nature!

So completely spontaneous, open-hearted, yet well-thought out, Steve demonstrated an inordinate willingness to become a male student of womanly ways that is so much needed in this #Metoo era to help us all make it through the rocky terrain men and women are treading these days.

If you want to hear a wonderful, living example of the very opposite of “No, no, not me!,” leaning in, listen to our podcast of last Saturday’s show. You'll hear me getting all excited about what Steve brought, in his person-hood, consistent with my experience of his sincerity, over time. 


Then come back for more when Steve joins me, again, this coming Saturday for our next show –

Saturday, May 26  11:30 a.m

Look for more stories – and details -- on how the New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny movement, programs and projects is now utilizing its vast resources to guide this mission forward.

Also, take advantage of the more personal opportunities we offer, especially if you are a male to:

  • Tell us your #Metoo-related stories, on the air or off (We want to know “how you are moving through the #Metoo era, its trials and rewards.) and; 
  • Avail yourself of New Horizons personal/business and organization coaching and consulting services to help you get through the #Metoo era at the top rung of the ladder of movers and shakers, building a pathway to a new era of male-female respect, dignity and equality.
For details, contact: Anastasia at MountainWomanRJ@aol.com

Saturday, May 19, 2018

OMG!! We Were Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, LIVE, As We Broadcast!

Now on podcast!

Want to know how to move Beyond Gender Tyranny in your own lives?

Listen to me, Anastasia, and my co-host, New Horizons Board Member, Steve Lebherz, LIVE TODAY, now on podcast – as we demonstrate, live on air, how to take the first steps in moving Beyond Gender Tyranny

Hear us in action!

Listen to our podast for today’s show – 

Our show today was a whopper!! Especially when you get into the second half.

So awesome that Steve and I agreed to be back, again, with our listeners, as soon as we can put our next plan together!

Be sure that our agenda will be to guide our listeners, step by step, in --

Saturday, May 26  11:30 a.m

Look for more stories – and details.

Friday, May 18, 2018

If War Is Not The Answer, What Is?

In a blog article, posted on April 23, I wrote the following words that bear repeating here, as New Horizons and I continue our expanding efforts to offer guidance to men and women, everywhere, through both historical and present obstacles, to attain the dignity, respect and peace that separates the sexes, where only love, caring, compassion and concern for one another should be. 

Writing these words, at the time I first composed them --
If North Korea will not come to the table, what do we do?  
If Germans look the other way when Jews are being exterminated what do we do?
Or as Bob Dylan wrote -- 
“… how many times can a man turn his headAnd pretend that he just doesn't see?  
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind.”
-- I was still at a strikingly earlier time in my own journey through these obstacles than I am now.  (And that was less than a month ago! OMG!!)

Most pointedly, the processes within which I am presently engaged, involving not only one, but two #Metoo-type situations in my personal life; one actually concerning both my personal and professional lives, have now placed me right on the front lines, very much needing to sort out for myself what do we women do in situations where our basic human rights have been violated, “If War Is Not The Answer.”

It is not easy to know what else to do when one is under siege, emotionally, spiritually and physically, especially when our enemies are also our friends and/or associates. 

Personally, right now I am challenged on a daily basis. Follow my stories on Anastasia The Storyteller to find out how I am managing these, as my own story is unfolding and being lived. There are no easy answers, especially when each person’s story of harm may be similar on many levels, yet each is also different and unique. 

Women around the world are actively fighting for their basic human rights on many fronts, each and every day. Each and every one of us is a part of this battle, if only as a supportive bystander. 

And, we must be a part of it for, as has been said many times – 
“If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem."
At New Horizons, as our Small “Zones of Peace” Project defines it, we are pledged to promote fair fighting, meaning standing up for and by our truths, yet doing this in ways that make room for the opposing side too.

We are about honoring the need for the polarization that defines differing viewpoints. 

And, we are also about the importance of leaning in to discover the common ground that can assist each and every one of us in building the bridges that can cross our unique separateness, without the undue reactivity that can keep anger and hostilities alive and escalating.

At New Horizons we know, with decades of experience behind us, that storytelling is one of the most impactful means for inviting people to understand one another in caring and compassionate ways. Story “listening” is equally a part of this process.

We also know, with that same wealth of understanding, that the establishing and sustaining of support communities, specially designed to heal certain kinds of troubles, can take people to unimaginable heights of clarity and cooperation. 

We need these types of communities now!

At this profound time in our personal, local and national state of polarized affairs, we, at New Horizons, are asking that you make every effort possible to join our Beyond Gender Tyranny movement by opening up to the endless possibilities in your personal and public lives to reach across whatever aisles separate you from others by making your best efforts to be a bridge builder across any and every relationship gap you find. 

You can do this daily, even in small ways. Do this by:
I will be sharing some of my own stories, again soon, on both my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio with –

If War Is Not The Answer, 

Beyond Gender Tyranny, What Is?

Saturday, May 19, 11:30 a.m.

Please join me on the air, this coming Saturday, with your stories, experiences and thoughts.

My guest call in number is:  646.564.9608

And be sure to keep reading the tales of my personal adventures in the #Metoo era on my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site

This is the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project call to action for everyone!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Beyond Gender Tyranny: Where And How To Begin

Article posting still under construction. Check back later for added links.

It has taken me a good bit of soul searching, along with countless hours of research and staying current with what the #Metoo era is bringing into our lives, to be able to figure out, with the aid of my board members, how for New Horizons to next, best serve in these turbulent times.

The HUGE package New Horizons offers of specialized business, organization and personal consulting, guidance, support, tools,  skills and seasoned philosophies that make up our HUGE treasure chest of select contributions for moving through the #Metoo era,  is perfectly designed to help you navigate the choppy waters of today’s turbulence, especially in the area of gender dissonance.

But how we were to help you our loyal followers and supporters access and utilize these resources has not been easy. We are barely even one step off the drawing board of creating relevant projects and programs, since Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood scandals unleashed a spewing volcanic eruption in this area.

Making things more than interesting ??? and certainly much more complicated is that back in December, while working on my almost ceaseless project of decluttering the accumulated debris of a lifetime in my home and office, I came across a file drawer filled with documents that showed me, most shockingly, that long ago I, too, experienced a serious episode of sexual harassment and power-over abuse by a male superior.

The situation was not a workplace state of affairs. Rather I would place it as more in the way of an academic set up, having specifically to do with an advanced degree, specialized training and credentialing involvement of the highest level in my career track of psychology.

If you are, then, interested in the details of this, which, I might add, has for the past months strongly influenced the program and project planning endeavors of New Horizons, check out my stories on “Beyond Gender Tyranny” on my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site.

If you are intrigued by the saga and/or wondering how this unfolding drama of mine is developing and affecting New Horizons and myself, keep reading about this personal/professional most taxing situation of mine as it plays out to whatever conclusion it may bring.

Simultaneously, while I was uncovering and dealing with that personal/professional #Metoo issue, New Horizons, also, was beginning, its Beyond Gender Tyranny project by launching its newest study, a study of male attitudes and needs to help us all move through the challenges of the #Metoo era.

To hear more about this, check out my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show for programs beginning with my new series, specially focused on “How We Are Going To Move Ourselves Through The #MeToo Era”–

A radio show series focusing on 
challenges of moving through the #Metoo era

Then continue to listen in to my radio show broadcasts or podcasts (and read my blog posts too) to see what we, at New Horizons, are figuring out. Many shows are in the works on this subject for broadcasts and podcasts ahead.

As we continue to develop that on air track, today we offer you this – 

Question: Where do we begin to move “Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Answer: I think we begin with whomever and whatever is closest to us – personally and professionally. This means we take stock of all of our most important relationships and start cleaning up whatever is in our own backyard, gender-related or otherwise. (After all conflict and polarization are what they are, regardless of the topic) –

  • In our most intimate relationships;
  • Our families, close in and extended;
  • Our workplaces;
  • Our churches and synagogues;
  • Our neighborhoods and communities.
Inviting others to tell you their personal stories, while you listen attentively, is an almost surefire "lean in" way to take this step.

Question: How do we begin to move “Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Answer: I think the how is that we next commit ourselves to building small “zones of peace” in each of these areas, to the highest, most refined level possible. 

Again, story listening is a great way to move forward with this step.

This is the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project call to action for everyone!

New Horizons made itself a training center of acclaim for decades, until I lost my eyesight in 1998, by establishing a small “zone of peace” we called a therapeutic community; a counterculture model program that focused on teaching people “what not to do” and “what to do.”

In the coming days, weeks, months etc,, we will be sharing some of the principles that made this program of ours so powerfully transformative in ways that are still carried forth today.

Principle #1: What not to do in the #Metoo era:

For men: Deny or resist looking at whatever contributions you are making to the #Metoo problem. Here are two articles, surrounded by a collection of many more on my Exploring Your Dark Side blog site, to get you started;

For women: Explore how to take back your power, without being power hungry, in any area where you think/feel you have lost or forfeited it.

Much more coming on this last item, for women.

For a next discussion, incorporating more from New Horizons' special package of conflict resolution and healing guidance -- 

Tune in to my next Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show program –

Saturda, May 19, 2018, 11:30 a.m.

We will continue on track with #Metoo related issues for anyone who is invested in  conscientious advancement, of the highest regard, moving through the #Metoo era.

Also listen to the last podcast of this new Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show series titled –

Much more to come.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Women Managing Their Anger, Pain And Fear In The Face Of Male Resistance

Also see Anastasia The Storyteller: 
Anastasia's "...Alter Ego, Goddess-zilla, Returns"

If war is not the answer what is?

If North Korea will not come to the table, what do we do?

If Germans look the other way when Jews are being exterminated what do we do?

Or as Bob Dylan wrote --
“… how many times can a man turn his headAnd pretend that he just doesn't see? 
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the windThe answer is blowin' in the wind.”
So, if war is not the answer – man or woman -- my message to you out there is this --

Men re #Metoo:  -- If you are not now being AN ACTIVE PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU ARE A  PART OF THE PROBLEM!

Are you -- men --  up for taking action?

Step One: Decide to find ways that suit you, today, to lean in to the women in your life re #Metoo

Step Two: Practice, each and every day, learning how to dialogue about #Metoo, not debate!

Step Three:  Be your best warrior self in a compassionate way. Be a winner warrior, not a loser! (See below for the Compassionate Warrior Way.)

Women re #Metoo: War is not the answer!!!!!

However "fierceness" is not enough” and neither is retreat or withdrawal.

So do yourselves a favor and join up with New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny movement! Learn how to stand up for yourself the Compassionate Warrior Way! (See below.)

See below for the Compassionate Warrior Way.

Step One: Listen to my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show, regularly for information, insights, inspiration, empowerment and skill development.

Last week’s show, now on podcast –

Step Two: Do  my "Are You A Compassionate Warrior" inventory.

Step Three:  Learn how to turn any and every indicator of Dark Side Warrior functioning  -- in yourself -- into its Compassionate Warrior counterpart. (Scroll down below introductory text for Compassionate Warrior inventory).

My Exploring Your Dark Side Warrior: The Adventure of A Lifetime will provide you with vast resources to get you started on this.  Educate your mind on your own Dark Side Warrior and learn how to transform it into a Compassionate Warrior.

I describe a Compassionate Warrior this way:  

The Compassionate Warrior, draws on humanity’s greatest wisdom, learned by

1. Transcending primitive impulses to fight or flee (i.e. the stress/survival reaction); 

2. Using underlying psychological survival issues that have fueled destructive warrior activities as the impetus to develop wisdom that enhances life; and 

3. Honoring the Essence within the self and in all other living things. This way of being involves the developing of mastery in the mysterious art of synergizing the various human energy systems: intellect, emotions, the body and spirit. 

The Compassionate Warrior's ways are extraordinary, exemplified by an open-heart and faith in oneself and/or the Divine. The attributes of items 1 - 7 are among its typical manifestations.

Here is another inventory that will help you distinguish between the Dark Side Warrior and the Compassionate Warrior. Read it today!

The Compassionate Warrior is dedicated to being a winner!

Here is the way she/he achieves that!

Need my support and guidance?

Contact: Goddess-zilla, a.k.a. Anastasia at: 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Anastasia Comments On "No Not Me," The #Metoo Movement And The Issue of Male Resistance

Anastasia (that's me) had quite an experience doing her radio show yesterday, titled “No Not Me!” The #Metoo  Movement And The Issue Of Male Resistance.” !

Today I am commenting on that show with some of the most profound and comprehensive  observations I have been able to make in a long time, opening the door to a whole new adventure for our listeners and readers; New Horizons and Anastasia's "Adventure Of A Lifetime."

That is if you are up for the challenge and the adventure that goes with it!

Read my critically important comments, for anyone who wants to move Beyond Gender Tyranny, on that program here!

And listen to the podcast of the radio show to see if you can sniff out the adventure afoot!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny: How Are We Going To Make That Happen?

As I posted in my description for tomorrow’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio show broadcast titled “No Not Me!” The #Metoo Movement And The Issue Of Male Resistance,” we, at New Horizons, think the issue of male resistance to the basic principles of the #Metoo movement is of critical importance to explore, understand and work with, productively.

So we are believing that we must begin to seriously and systematically explore present tensions between men and women as they are, currently, in the #Metoo era. 

And begin figuring out how we are going to move through these in order to reach that happy place for which we all yearn, hopefully sometime in the not too distant future.

However, right now it looks as if it might take an earthquake to bring that about!

Nonetheless, I know that my relationships with the men in my life are far too important to want to foster a lot of debating about the right-wrong sides of gender issues, as they are now being viewed in today’s world. I know that when I sit down for a conversation with the important men in my life, I want something of a far greater substance than debate, if we are going to discuss, at all, what’s happening now in this era of #Metoo.

Certainly you can’t escape the subject if you are a conscious individual.

I also know, as I wrote in my recent blog titled "A Personal Message From Anastasia: On How We Are Going To Move Ourselves Through The #MeToo Era," I don’t want to be considered an enemy of men because I am a woman. And, I don’t want them to act as if I am the enemy because of that.

(I also discussed this deeply held perspective of mine, at length, in my last radio show titled "How We Are Going To Move Ourselves Through The #MeToo Era." You will find the strongest part of my message toward the end of the show.)

So what next? Where do we go from here with all the gender-related controversy stirred up and in our faces, day-in and day-out presently? 

Beyond Gender Tyranny, as a movement, designed by the New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” Project, is about there being a two-way street of give and take; compassion and understanding back and forth between men and women. So we need to watch out for heatedness and stay conscious of our objectives in our conversations.

Not an easy thing to do these days.

As with most women, for starters, I have a lot I need to get off my chest, formerly unspoken. No longer can I hold back, nor am I willing to, even if I could contain what I have to say, any longer. Which I cannot do, without further harm to myself, added to what I have already been accumulating over years.

That’s the warrior side of me. I also want to be understood and for there to be a show of compassion for the harm and pain I have experienced over the years from male disrespect.

Liberation is that intense!!

I have not had any significant sexual abuse or harassment victimization in the workplace; very little in my personal life. But there has been some. And for these I, now, need the warrior woman part of me to help keep me on track to get my stories out, when and where appropriate, and heal myself, along with the tens of thousands, maybe millions, of other women doing similarly.

Where there have been episodes of this, I am presently writing about them on my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site, as I push my way through long held fears, regarding disclosure and the personal limitations I have developed in the process, especially when I, also, come up against the resistance, now, of people who do not seem eager to hear me, based on their own agendas.

You can read a collection of my articles on this issue here.

While the warrior side of women has been suppressed for eons and women oppressed along with it, we women need that warrior side of ourselves, up and out! 

We need it for many things; the creative side of ourselves, the passionate, the empowered, sometimes the angry (but not as a lifestyle), the assertive, sometimes aggressive, the leadership etc. etc. – whatever other warrior parts of a person there are that I may have forgotten.

Most men have the warrior side of themselves in a more ready abundance than do females. 
This is about male biology more than anything. The warrior side is a significant part of a man’s inherent nature. And, we women need to consider, carefully, if we truly want them to "give themselves up to be loved by us."

Too often, unfortunately, this male warrior side has come out in ways, direct and indirect, that have harmed women. That needs to change! And as quickly as possible!

What we don’t need, however, is for the female warrior and the male warrior to be at war!

War is not the answer!  So we need to find peaceful ways to make room for the warrior in both men and women. 

Not suppress it! 

Not judge it as bad, dirty, wrong or dangerous (unless when it is). 

I've said enough on this subject for now. 

Your next step -- be sure to tune into my upcoming shows where I will be taking up the subject of the warrior woman and warrior man, meeting head to head, with an eye for that to be heart to heart!

Saturday, March 31 -- 11:30 a.m