Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Introducing: Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, The Online Course

Begins this coming Saturday, bringing you great information resources, sponsored by New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace,” Beyond Gender Tyranny Initiative --  to guide you on your adventure of moving beyond gender tyranny.

Blog articles to keep you informed on programs, projects and healthy problem solving perspectives and techniques from our Beyond Gender Tyranny Movement, here, on this New Horizons Blog Site.

Two Online Radio Show programs, with two different #MeToo-oriented tones to provide you with comprehensive discussion forums for giving both men and women guidance, information and support to "move beyond gender tyranny."
  • Anastasia The Storyteller Radio -- for #MeToo-focused discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events;

  • The Possible Society In Motion RadioMoving Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course for – specific steps to take to move beyond gender tyranny traps, into the transforming of #MeToo problems to the good places between men and women for which most of us yearn.
Begins Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Call in number:  (516) 531-9829

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Also see our special blog site curriculum pages to guide your progress through your Online Course work, corresponding to our online radio show formats and lessons. 

You can begin working with these now. Click here for:

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny; The Online Course
Lesson One Outline


How do we set the stage to move Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Once this new series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course," is launched, the plan now is for Steve Lebherz, my co-host, and I to alternate weeks between the two shows.  

We will also plan to institute a conference call follow-up forum to our online radio shows, in the coming months, for support and additional discussion.  Look for details!

Join us! Get involved!  
Few other things are this is important!

Monday, June 18, 2018

How Does “Intention” Move Us, Both Men And Women, Beyond Gender Tyranny?

Hear Anastasia and co-host, Steve Lebherz discuss “intention” as an essential part of moving “beyond gender tyranny,” now on the podcast linked below.

Next check out New Horizons’ new page, introducing our Online Course For Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, at this link.

Then, be sure to join Anastasia and Steve this coming Saturday when they launch “Series #2,” their new, online program on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, specially designed to help both men and women move Beyond Gender Tyranny in the #MeToo era.

Introducing The Online Course
Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Join us for our online broadcast
Call in number:  (516) 531-9829

Be sure to push 1 on your phone to get into the queue in our studio

Once this second series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course"  is launched, the plan now is for Steve and Anastasia to alternate weeks between the two shows, Anastasia The Storyteller and the Possible Society In Motion Radio, with the former focused more on discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events and the latter, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, geared toward actual problem solving techniques.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Setting The Stage For Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, Broadcast At Last!

After rescheduling two shows for this topic – and – almost aborting a third for technical difficulties, Steve Lebherz, my new co-host, and I finally got on the air yesterday morning with a program we had been planning for close to a month, Beyond Gender Tyranny: Setting The Stage.  That is, after we got past our first three-four minutes where we didn't even know if we would be able to broadcast.

What chaos!  Most likely still tied to the disaster recovery efforts going on in our area.

However, without doubt, Steve and I definitely accomplished what I was after for this program, building on our first show of this series, If War Is Not The Answer Beyond Gender Tyranny, What Is,?  That outcome was a hard won victory and, now hopefully, also, all future shows will include Steve on a regular basis, as he is a real treat for me to work with; a second win from yesterday's endeavor.

The intent of yesterday's program agenda was to set the stage for our listeners to be able to go on a journey, with us, of untold length, with a definitive destination – moving beyond gender tyranny! 

This objective grew, spontaneously, out of my first show with Steve several weeks back, before heavy thunderstorms and flooding sent everything in our area into upheaval.

Be sure to listen to the podcast of yesterday's lively broadcast where Steve and I begin getting to some of the specifics on how we are gonna move beyond gender tyranny.

Then  join us next week, again, as we continue on to build a pathway out of gender tyranny – going both ways, at times, certainly; most destructively and sometimes fatally from men to women, with a bit of spice from the less powerful position of women fighting back.

Saturday, June 16, 11:30 a.m.

Then look forward to joining us, once more, in two weeks as Steve and I introduce another new series on the Possible Society In Motion Radio, where we will be providing guidance and instruction for listeners on specific steps to take to move beyond gender tyranny traps, into the transforming of #MeToo problems.

Introducing The Online Course
Saturday, June 23, 11:30 a.m.

Once this second series, our "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny Online Course"  is launched, the plan now is for Steve and I to alternate weeks between the two shows, Anastasia The Storyteller and the Possible Society In Motion Radio, with the former focused more on discussions of #MeToo issues and problem solving perspectives, interwoven with #MeToo-slanted current events and the latter, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, geared toward actual problem solving techniques.

Also look for a bit of humor, in the midst of all this heavy stuff.  

That just goes with being with Steve.

Both shows will welcome call ins! 

So be sure to keep abreast of details to aid your personal participation.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

News Update: Flood Disaster Challenges At New Horizons Harpers Ferry Retreat Center

Wondering where we’ve been for the last few weeks, with an absence of blog posts and Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Shows rescheduled twice? 

The letter below, sent to Hannah Cobb, Chairperson of the Community Outreach work group of the Frederick County ACE Project (ACE = Adverse Childhood Experiences), that is close to the very heart of what New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project stands
for, will give you an update of our flood disaster situation out here with more to follow as our recovery projects develop.


I am deeply disappointed to tell you that it seems I will not be attending meetings or participating otherwise, on behalf of the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project, with the ACE project for the coming months.

The New Horizons Harpers' Ferry Retreat Center where I work and live is now cut off from access to our main roadway, Route 340, due to the recent flood disaster and a rock slide off of Maryland Heights, just above the C and O Canal which is also blocking our roadway.

We are, also, dealing with flood recovery work here on our land. 

So please send us back your best wishes for our renewal as we begin rebuilding our entire meeting and guest area which is likely to take us the bulk of the year ahead.

Anticipated repairs for our roads and the National Park Service work on the rock slide portion are estimated to be as long as one year, making easy access to Frederick from where we are located a prohibitive endeavor for the foreseeable future.

I will continue sending all my best wishes to all of you and our beloved ACE project and be in touch when I can once again resume participation.

Best of luck with our beautiful, collective endeavors to overturn the ACE epidemic, as it affects our local counties.

Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Executive Director
New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny: Setting The Stage

Hear our live broadcast this coming Saturday, June 2. Details below.

(Please note there were last minute technical difficulties at showtime on Saturday May 26, due to emergency flood disaster conditions in the area of the New Horizons Retreat Center which is also home to Ms. Rosen-Jones)

The #Metoo movement is creating quite a stir!

No doubt about that!

To escape the daily explosion of high profile and general news and commentary on the subject, a person would truly need to bury their head in the sand, especially here in the United States.
Gender tyranny is not much fun for
anyone. So get out of the loop
it creates, even in subtle ways!

Hopefully, it is going to be a long, long time before this topic – way overdue -- settles down!

Maybe never, I hope!

There are so many hidden secrets, having to do with  the evil that men do to women (and occasionally do to men and that women do, too, but less habitually) that a person, such as myself, a staunch feminist, who has been guiding and supporting the liberation of women, including myself, for decades, have not even touched any where near the depth and breadth of the issue; freeing ourselves from male power-dominance problems, still needing to be reversed. 

Whatever has been done, to date, has not ever been enough!

But we have moved, now, into a new era. 

Thanks to the voices of women who have had the courage to come forward and expose some of these evils that have been, heretofore, concealed.  And, those, such as Ronan Farrow and the New York Times journalists, who have helped bring their stories to light.

Perhaps in taking the steps I have chosen in filing my own Ethics Complaint,  I am even one of them. I don’t know. Time and patience will tell.

No matter how important these bold and brave steps have been, as I said early on when the depravity of gymnast’s doctor, Larry Nassar, was been revealed – and – Aly Raisman, one of his most outspoken victims, was touting her book, Fierce, “fierceness is not enough,” however.

Fierceness is the giving voice to abuse. 

Fierceness is the courage to keep fighting institutions that turn their backs on those who are being victimized, when it is their collective efforts and power that are most needed!

Fierceness is the taking of a stand and having the courage to live a new way of life, without holding back to keep hidden the wrongdoings of the violators of human dignity and safety, the perpetrators of darkness.

Fierceness is facing up to the harm that has been done to oneself and having the resilience, or develop it, to heal from the damage and find new, unfamiliar ways of being a more authentic human being, faced, almost daily, by the challenges this may bring.

Michelle Knight, one of the victims of Ariel Castro, and Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped, repeatedly raped and held hostage by her keepers, are among my heroes in this.

As a woman, now dealing with an ethics violation done to my person hood by a former professional mentor, I am also presently facing up to these challenges daily.

Along with this effort, of my own, I am increasingly aware that the support of caring others is seeing me through this challenging time. 

I am particularly aware, too, that I need compassion and kindness through this difficult period, not only from other women, but from the men in my life also.

One of my best boosters is my husband, Madison. 

For going on thirty-three years, now, he has been one of my most devoted and loyal champions though not quite perfect. As this new phase of my woman’s liberation journey continues forth, you will, no doubt,  hear more and more about him and the story of our love which has not always been pain-free. 

But that is for another time, not yet come. 

However, last week I got a sign that that story, side-by-side with the story behind the story of my Ethics Complaint, might do best in a full-length book for which I already have a title, 

If War Is Not The Answer, What Is?
The Art Of Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny
on my drawing board now

Madison and I know, as well as any couple could, what it can take to move “beyond gender tyranny;” the Dark and the Light of it.

The plan for this new writing project is now in place. But the resources are not. Even in terms of my available time and energy. So it will just need to wait.

I will, however, not hold back on what I can deliver through my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show. It does not require the resources a full-length book demands. 

So you can count on that, for now, as a vibrant source of information, guidance, tools and discussion to help you, if you are interested, in moving through this #Metoo era to a higher plane, New Horizons-style, where all good men (and women) can succeed at a more vibrant, life-affirming level, separately and together.

Keeping that in mind, be sure to join Steve Lebherz, my guest co-host and myself, as we bring you another, unfolding, live adventure through dialogue and discussion on this week’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio with our topic – 

Saturday, June 9, 11:30 a.m. 
(Rescheduled from Saturday, May 26 and June 2)

(Please note there were last minute technical difficulties at showtime on Saturday May 26, due to emergency flood disaster conditions in the area of the New Horizons Retreat Center which is also home to Ms. Rosen-Jones)

Be sure to join us, live. 
And get into our conversation!
Our call in number, if you would like to join us on the air is:  646.564.9608. 

If you do call in, be sure to press one to get into the studio queue 
to let us know you are out there.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When War Is Not The Answer, Leaning In Might Just Be The Way

I made an excellent choice for my last week’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio show, inviting New Horizons Board Member, Steve Lebherz, to co-host that show with me.

I’ve known Steve for close to three years and have often been rewarded by having his continuous support and, more recently, his devoted participation as a New Horizons Board Member. During this time, I have come to appreciate a certain, very personal manner Steve has, in conducting himself, that often gratifies me.

These attributes, along with a quick wit and an agile mind, coupled with a kind heart brought me a bouquet of delight last Saturday, almost matching the pleasure of my Mother’s Day flowers, sitting in an honored place in the living room, diminishing as they are, now, but still brightening my days.

I make this comparison to highlight the unusual uplifting Steve’s leaning in way of being, with me, on last Saturday’s program brought me.

The bounty for me --- and – for the show came of Steve’s role modeling of the practice of leaning in on that show. Previously he'd asked me what I meant by this term, "leaning in," after his seeing mention of it on an earlier blog post of mine.

However, there he was, live on the air demonstrating the first steps of it, as second nature!

So completely spontaneous, open-hearted, yet well-thought out, Steve demonstrated an inordinate willingness to become a male student of womanly ways that is so much needed in this #Metoo era to help us all make it through the rocky terrain men and women are treading these days.

If you want to hear a wonderful, living example of the very opposite of “No, no, not me!,” leaning in, listen to our podcast of last Saturday’s show. You'll hear me getting all excited about what Steve brought, in his person-hood, consistent with my experience of his sincerity, over time. 


Then come back for more when Steve joins me, again, this coming Saturday for our next show –

Saturday, May 26  1:30 p.m

(Please note there has been a last minute time change for Saturday's show due to emergency flood recovery efforts that will be going on at the originally scheduled time of 11:30 a.m. in the area of the New Horizons Retreat Center which is also home to Ms. Rosen-Jones)

Look for more stories – and details -- on how the New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny movement, programs and projects is now utilizing its vast resources to guide this mission forward.

Also, take advantage of the more personal opportunities we offer, especially if you are a male to:

  • Tell us your #Metoo-related stories, on the air or off (We want to know “how you are moving through the #Metoo era, its trials and rewards.) and; 
  • Avail yourself of New Horizons personal/business and organization coaching and consulting services to help you get through the #Metoo era at the top rung of the ladder of movers and shakers, building a pathway to a new era of male-female respect, dignity and equality.
For details, contact: Anastasia at MountainWomanRJ@aol.com

Saturday, May 19, 2018

OMG!! We Were Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny, LIVE, As We Broadcast!

Now on podcast!

Want to know how to move Beyond Gender Tyranny in your own lives?

Listen to me, Anastasia, and my co-host, New Horizons Board Member, Steve Lebherz, LIVE TODAY, now on podcast – as we demonstrate, live on air, how to take the first steps in moving Beyond Gender Tyranny

Hear us in action!

Listen to our podast for today’s show – 

Our show today was a whopper!! Especially when you get into the second half.

So awesome that Steve and I agreed to be back, again, with our listeners, as soon as we can put our next plan together!

Be sure that our agenda will be to guide our listeners, step by step, in --

Saturday, May 26  11:30 a.m

Look for more stories – and details.