Monday, August 12, 2019

Rebooting The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show

More from behind the scenes of the New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” Project,  moving forward with our new Truth Or Dare Movement plans, projects and programs.

The "rebooted" Possible Society In Motion Radio Show will launch a new agenda -- 

Friday, August 23   4 p.m. EDT

Background: The original Possible Society In Motion Radio Show program began to fade, with Anastasia The Storyteller Radio taking precedence, when my/Anastasia's Beloved co-host, Jack Slattery, left the show for other priorities at the end of June, 2016.

Other program formats were experimented with, such as our Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course initiative, for a time, as Jack's departure was a huge loss to the building momentum the original form and agenda had been creating, with his input and co-hosting being of central importance.

Additionally, by the time Jack departed the unfolding presidential compaigning underway was already taking a toll on the small "zones of peace" mission of New Horizons, with the November, 2016 election surprise of Donald Trump upsetting the Clinton campaign, an added challenge for us, even non-partisan as we must remain as a non-profit. 

Given that New Horizons agenda, since its "new" formatting began in 2006 has always held the "overcoming of polarization" as a central objective -- and -- almost everyone we could identify was far more invested in divisiveness, after the 2016 election than otherwise, we began seeking other alternatives for utilizing our gifts, talents and overarching mission -- building and sustaining small "zones of peace."

You can see what and how our evolving process has been, up to now, to be able now to believe, at least, that we have found a clarified form for our mission, with our revitalizing New Horizons'' signature program -- the Truth Or Dare GAME, as of last September, and our recent collaboration with the Pro-Truth Pledge Movement, beginning in late April.

With all that said and done, we are now in a position to reboot our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show with a new series, To Lie Or Not To Lie. Enter New Horizons next major agenda, the Truth Or Dare Movement, with this series fully in alignment with it.

We hope the series will boost your present and future journeys through the hurtles now facing all of us as American citizens. 
Where Is Your Dark Side Hiding?
In half-truths, lies or other covert maneuvers?

You can help our country heal by transforming your Dark into Light 

and/or encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

This new radio show program, with Anastasia's expertise to the fore will help guide you on your way!

This is what New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME accomplishes. 
So be sure to find out how you, too, can be a player in it.

Also, for personal, one-on-one guidance, check out Anastasia's
Super Sleuth'd Coaching and Consulting.

All fees presently donated to initiatives of
New Horizons Small "Zones Of Peace" Projects 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Anastasia's Personal Story Qualifies Her To Be ....

The Poster Girl For New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement

Unanimously agreed upon by New Horizons Board Of Directors!

Read Anastasia's story on this press release

Seventy Years Of Adverse Childhood Experience Wounds Healed By Truth-Telling

Anastasia’s story is one of dedication to the highest of ideals, hard work, inordinate self-discipline, determination, accumulating skillfulness, a clear-headed vision of a meaningful destination, an enormous creative talent, faith -- and the developing within herself of all that is suggested by her Compassionate Warrior Woman alter ego. 

We hope her tale will inspire you as it does us.

The Board Members of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Truth Or Dare Movement Defined At New Horizons Annual Board Meeting

At last, yesterday afternoon the time arrived when Board Members of the New Horizons were finally able to come together for our very late-in-the-month Annual Board Meeting.

(Usually we meet mid-month in July, combining our annual meeting with a birthday celebration for ME!! This year, for the first time ever, we were unable to do this.) 

One of our topmost agenda items was to define New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement.

Here is how it was described and voted on to put into action.

New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement is to be established as an overarching, umbrella structure with the following primary objectives.
  • Promote, produce and present New Horizons Truth or Dare GAME, all of its related educational, support and training programs and other related future endeavors;

  • Promote and further the message and intent of the "original" Pro-Truth Pledge, as well as New Horizons "expanded" version of it through educational, pledge signing and fundraising activities.
Wish us luck as we, now, formally take up these objectives!

And, DO please join us in taking an active role in helping us generate successful outcomes – culminating destination – Truth Or Dare GAME on Capitol Hill where it seems to be most needed these days.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Wow! Anastasia Just Became The Poster Girl For New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement

Hear Anastasia’s personal story of fighting the Dark Side with her Compassionate Warrior-Side and coming out victorious and a worthy role model for New Horizons students, readers and supporters on

Notice the heart on Anastasia's alter
ego, Compassionate Warrior Woman.
....qualifying her, our esteemed Executive Director, for the notable position of being New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement Poster Girl, speaking words of wisdom such as these ...

"Confronting the epidemic of lying and corruption, in our country, is not only about dealing with politicians and social ills such as predators like Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Nassar. 

It's a lot about how we healthfully engage in truth-telling and go about fighting, Compassionate Warrior-style, in our everyday lives, freeing ourselves up to carry out the objectives of New Horizons "expanded" Pro-Truth Pledge, including:

  1. Bringing dignity and respect to our human affairs; and
  2. Making order out of the chaos in our personal lives and relationships. 
Truth-telling, in both small and large ways, can help us achieve this."

Hear Anastasia’s personal story on podcast. 

Next join Anastasia as she teams up with Lynn Cullather-Popkin, her radio show studio manager, to explore the extremes of truth-telling as dangerous, up against truth-telling as freedom and transformation, to be introduced on

Tuesday, July 30   4 p.m. EDT

Followed up with a new radio show series, coming soon.  Date and time, tba

The forthcoming new series, not yet named, will replace the earlier intended one on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show on how to Move Beyond Gender Tyranny and yet will include how we Move Beyond Gender Tyranny: The Online Course, as one of its main elements.

On these shows Anastasia will be drawing on her more than forty-five years experience in mental health, community development and violence prevention in the service of aiding and furthering New Horizons developing Truth or Dare Movement and our collaboration with the "original" Pro-Truth Pledge Movement.

Addressing the problems of gender tyranny will be among concerns to be addressed.  
Gender Tyranny always includes lying and corruption!  

Make no mistake about that!

New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement is now!

These shows will be one more part of our newly forming priorities and structures. 

Be sure to find out more, as details are posted.

Monday, July 8, 2019

New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME: It's Background And History

Find out some of the basic philosophies that make New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME an activity to invest your time and energies in. New details posted, here, today!

With an awe-inspiring agenda, New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME, formerly known as the Discount Derby, in its earlier incarnation, 1976 -- 2003, became known, throughout the Washington, D.C. area, as the therapeutic group strategy that "could cure 'em (meaning any thing dark in the human repertoire), or nobody could."

Now, in its new incarnation, the Truth Or Dare GAME, this lively, personal and collective transformation process is making its way back into being an interactive activity of which to take note, if: 
  1. Building and sustaining "zones of peace" is on your agenda;
  2. Divisiveness, polarization, lying and corruption in society and politics go against your core values.
Find out how you can qualify to play New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME
by contacting Anastasia at:

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Then Along Came Evidence, Supporting Some Of The Reasons New Horizons "Expanded" Pro-Truth Pledge ...

...  incorporates the points, identified below -- and -- more, as added justification for signing our "expanded" Pro-Truth Pledge, or the "original," at:, if you prefer.

(As if current social and political circustances aren't enough!)

I Honor Truth because --
  • Abiding by truth is ethical and moral. This is a universal law of human dynamics;
  • Trust and cooperation require truth-telling;
  • Authentic communication requires truth;
  • Human dignity and respect require truth telling;
  • Truth and truth-telling bring order out of chaos to human affairs.

Breaking News: Anastasia Followed The Lies Watergate Taught Her And More …

….. about how darkness works in systems.  And what to do about it.


… they defy attempts to speak of them.

Read these articles -- and -- start considering why you should, personally, get on board with a Super Sleuth'd Coaching And Consulting Session with Anastasia -- as a fundraiser for New Horizons projects. 

Your opportunity to transform the Dark in your life into the Light, in the very special way that is unique to Anastasia.

Coming soon through the storefront Super Sleuth'd Coaching and Consulting Service on ebay.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Rearranging Priorities Is No Small Or Easy Task

Another open letter from New Horizons Executive Director, Anastasia Rosen-Jones 
Updating what’s happening now, behind the scenes at New Horizons

Look for links to be added soon.

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog site, you may recall that the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project has built its various projects and programs, since its inception, circa 2006, on holding dreams and potentialities at the forefront of our mission and our motivations.

Overcoming Polarization, Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny and Making Violence Obsolete, even subtle violence, are among the initiatives we have taken up, suggesting the kind of intentions we have, typically, invested ourselves in, always aiming for the raising up of human capacities, rather than falling into the latest sink hole of the moment.

Nonetheless, staying true to this focus of continuously evolving in the direction of the best of ourselves and uplifting the people and various cultures surrounding us has been particularly challenging the past few years, our ideals more and more difficult to attain.

In the current climate, replete with dark and cloudy skies, hovering over our daily lives in the form of relentless social and political upsets, we have felt almost prompted to keep ourselves in a state of emergency preparedness, due to constant treacherous, stormy-  weather and forecasts ahead without promise.

New Horizons, as a non-profit entity, is not one to easily give in to negativity. However, it has been challenging to keep our heads above water, as we plodded on, searching, always, for the sunshine we believed only to be hiding, at the darkest moments, when grey skies looked to be everywhere. 
Keep your eyes on those whom you would
emulate, not those who are,
deservedly, disparaged.

Endeavoring, in this manner, to find new inroads for reaching our ideals, we continued on, ever the optimists, adding new structures and strategies to already established foundations for creating personal and community health and well-being, taking on new social challenges, as they arose,  weaving them in to our former methods for surmounting obstacles, never deterred for long.

For example, our response to the #MeToo movement, with our Beyond Gender Tyranny programs, has encouraged storytelling, one of our longest-held community development strategies, as a male-female problem-solving game plan. In the earlier stages of that upheaval, we had even expanded on our storytelling gateway by partnering with StoryCorps, with the intention of bridging gender disharmony through storytelling and story-listening. 

Disappointingly, we have underutilized this resource in our seeking to resolve our larger dilemma, succinctly articulated as ….
“How is an organization, such as ours, intent on building and sustaining small “zones of peace” to contribute to personal and social advancement in a society -- and -- among people who seem to be more invested in maintaining, even promoting polarization, rather than moving beyond it?”
This perspective has been our single, biggest challenge these past few years.

Thus, when we, not too long ago, discovered the Pro-Truth Pledge Movement, we were elated!

Like-minded others, we thought at last!

Believing that in all the world we had discovered in this project a critical missing piece for our overarching mission, in the Pro-Truth Pledge, that could enable us, on a grander scale than previously anticipated, to honor that which we stand for most – building and sustaining “zones of peace” in this challenging world where, in Gandhi’s words –
“…violence and deceit won’t be used.”
As we, presently, begin our collaboration with the Pro-Truth Pledge Project, we are enjoying the experience of weaving elements of New Horizons together with it, imagining ourselves as being, once again, whole and healthy in ways we have been in the past.

Our Truth Or Dare GAME, now being revitalized and employed, first, to help transform the lives of our New Horizons Board Members, personally and as working associates (next to be a available to select, prepared others), and our Truth Or Dare Movement, slowly developing into a viable working fabric that can carry the weight of changes we anticipate for our emerging future, are fitting together nicely with the Pro-Truth Pledge Project. 


Some of the selected lyrics from John Lennon’s “Imagine” hold the image, closest to our hearts, with these words... “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

At such moments, still we are reminded that rearranging priorities is no small or easy task.

So, we ask of you, please bear with us, at New Horizons, as we put old pieces and new -- and -- anticipated ones, still to come, into our next forms, being created now. We are definitely a work in progress, a work in which we hope you will join us.

For details and information, contact Anastasia at: