Saturday, March 17, 2018

Listen And Learn, Tell And Tremble: Two Sides Of A Coin

Hear Anastasia on today’s Anastasia The Storyteller Radio on the topic of “Listen And Learn, Tell And Tremble: Two Sides Of A Coin,” as she guides listeners on the next steps of the Beyond Gender Tyranny adventure -- out of the man-woman traps of #Metoo into a brighter time.

After laying the groundwork for a new #Metoo era series on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio, built on our present need to overcome polarization, especially in gender relations, how do men and women truly get beyond defensiveness and divisiveness to really talk and listen to one another? 

Anastasia explores this topic as it evolves out of her two most recent shows --

Today – Saturday, March 17, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

#MeToo Study, Part One Begins, Officially, March 15!

New Horizons Survey Of Male Perspectives and Personal “Needs” To End Gender Tyranny

Men, We Want Your Stories! 

If you are a male between the ages of eighteen and eighty and support #Metoo as a cultural change movement, we would like to interview you for our study.

The New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Beyond Gender Tyranny project is now ready to begin collecting the stories of men who want to be change agents in male-female relationships. 

Please let us know your views on this movement and what you need to be a game changer with the women in your life, at this crucial time. 

From this information, we will be designing programs to meet your needs  -- and the women you care about.

Begins, Thursday, March 15!

To arrange for your personal interview, contact Anastasia Rosen-Jones, 

Cell: 240.409.5347, Email:

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Getting Involved: Men Supporting #MeToo As A Cultural Change Movement

Males Supporting #Metoo As A Cultural Change Movement

Your participation is as near as your phone!

To get involved: 

1.Email Anastasia who will be, personally, conducting all interviews, at least at this initial stage. Include --
  • Your contact information -- and -- 
  • Your brief statement of intent.
2. Let Anastasia know of your interest in participating in this study.

Write a brief statement (no longer than one page) about your motivation for participating, your hopes and dreams, what you would like to see your participation accomplish for you, personally, and what you would like to see it bring about, in terms of the broader #MeToo Movement and our own New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny project;

3. Send your contact information to Anastasia at the following email address, using the template posted below:

4. Include your best days and times of availability for contact.

5. Indicate whether or not you would like to do a guest interview on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio.

Note: Due to the volume of interviews anticipate, it may take as long as three weeks to arrange your telephone interview.

In preparation for the interview --
  • Be prepared for a one hour interview;
  • Be sure you are in a quiet, private place;
You must be eighteen years old or over to participate in this study.

Donations are encouraged. Please support our efforts.

Online donation arrangements are now being made. 

We will let you know how to proceed, as soon as they are complete. 

Men Supporting #MeToo As A Cultural Change Movement:
The Study
  • Study sponsored by the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. Small "Zones Of Peace" Project.
  • Conducted by M. Anastasia Rosen-Jones, email: 
Interviews and names of all interviewees are kept confidential and become the joint and exclusive property of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. and Ms. Rosen-Jones.

Contact Information 


Interview time availability:  Phone:____________  In person:_________________

Name: __________________________________________     Age:_________               
Phone: Cell________________ Work:____________   Home:_________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________________


City:_____________________________          State: _____             Zip Code:______

Also read Anastasia The Storyteller blogs (see Anastasia's bio here) -- and

Hear Anastasia The Storyteller Radio 

Get involved! This is important!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wanted: Males Supporting #Metoo As A Cultural Change Movement.

Men, We Want You And We Want Your Stories!

The New Horizons Beyond Gender Tyranny project, guided by Executive Director, Anastasia the Storyteller, is now collecting the stories of men who want to mend the broken fences of male-female relationships.

What does the #MeToo Movement mean for you?

We want to know.

How is it, personally, affecting your day-to-day life?

What do you need in order to navigate the current choppy waters of male-female relationships?

We want to know!

Anastasia wants to talk to you for our Beyond Gender Tyranny Study (much like our Possible Society Study). She is, also, interested in inviting you to be a guest on the Anastasia Radio Show to engage with her, on the air, in a consciousness-raising dialogue in the service of moving the #Metoo effort to its highest potential.

Here is an opportunity for you to express your views, your experiences, your concerns, your needs, your hopes and your dreams.

Our mission is to --
  • Mend the broken fences of male-female relationships;
  • Build bridges of compassion and understanding.
Our method is –

To create both live and broadcast consciousness-raising forums.

Your stories can help move that effort forward!

Tell us and our listeners your views and your stories.

How do you think we can make that happen? 

Contact Anastasia to arrange your participation in our Beyond Gender Tyranny Study and as a guest on Anastasia the Storyteller.


Let’s make a difference that’s been waiting thousands of years to happen! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Broadcast: Anastasia Introduces New #MeToo Era Radio Show

On a brief broadcast, filling in for the rescheduled earlier program, originally planned for today, to be aired, now, next Saturday, March 10 at 11:30 a.m.,  New Horizons Executive Director, Anastasia Rosen-Jones, introduced listeners to the “new” #MeToo Era Radio Shows to be broadcast weekly, as time allows, on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio

Read all about the content of what lies ahead for this new era program and its next project, Beyond Gender Tyranny on:
And, tune in next week, March 10 at 11:30 a.m. for the broadcast, “Story Listening, By Males, Takes Precedence In The #MeToo Era,” originally scheduled for today.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Upcoming Radio Show Broadcast: Story Listening In The #MeToo Era

Program rescheduled due to storm and power outage conditions.
Check back for new date and time tba.

In this show, to be broadcast Saturday morning, March tba, Anastasia (Me) returns to discuss the importance of "story listening,especially, but not exclusively, by men, in the era of #MeToo.

Broadcast details below.

The show’s discussion will build on Anastasia’s introduction, last Friday evening, of New Horizons’ local #MeToo storytelling, story listening initiative, part of the Beyond Gender Tyranny project, at the Frederick Civil Society Supper Club

Listeners are invited to join the discussion. For details on the event, read my Open Letter To The Civil Society Supper Club.

Also check out prior podcasts, including --

Story “Listening” And Storytelling: The Importance Of Weaving Them Together.

And these articles on Anastasia The Storyteller blog site --

Saturday, March 3, 11:30 a.m.

Listener call ins invited at: 646.564.9608

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dinner Mission Accomplished!

An open letter to the Civil Society Supper Club

Dear Civil Society Supper Club,

At your dinner meeting, this past Friday, I presented a platform of perspectives, based on present day personal experiences, projects in motion, now, at New Horizons, the non-profit I head, and throughout our beloved community. I had every anticipation that my having the opportunity to introduce these at one of your weekly dinner events would be the venue to, in essence, publicly launch the next initiative of New Horizons’ Small “Zones of Peace,” the “Beyond Gender Tyranny” Project. 

I also thought your evening event would be a proper setting to openly discuss what is going on with me, personally, behind these efforts.

You did not disappoint me. In fact what I experienced and took away from our dinner discussion exceeded my hopes and dreams.

Mission accomplished!

For me what happened Friday evening in a cozy back room of the Mi Rancho Grande Restaurant in “smallish” Frederick, Maryland was spectacular!  Grande!

From that experience, I came away knowing that my/our next step for the "Beyond Gender Tyranny" project/movement is, definitely, to create and recreate, again and again, exactly what was accomplished that evening; consciousness-raising!

I know I experienced it then and there. And, believe others did too. I have experienced this before at your dinner events, not being the evening’s presenter. It is a testimony to your Civil Society Supper Club that you accomplish this, again and again.

I was so happy even, awed by what we created, with my contribution!

The willingness and the capabilities of each and every person present to take up threads of what I offered on a culturally volatile issue, sexual harassment and abuse, now surfacing from every corner of our society, and handle the topic in a fiery, passionate, yet civil, non-defensive manner was truly inspiring. 

As most of us know, today, these are critically important issues to which to give voice, to explore and seek new and better ways than we presently have. Throughout there are numerous obstacles to finding and implementing these ways.

And while the most “highly refined” applications of the “art of dialogue” still remain for members of this group to develop, at their highest levels, I did witness, every effort – and – the successful realization of the dedication to civil discourse to which this group is committed.

I applaud all of you.  And, thank you, most wholeheartedly for the gift of my being with you – and – having the opportunity to present my platform to you, in a setting that left me truly inspired for what lies ahead for me, as Executive Director of New Horizons, carrying forth our “Beyond Gender Tyranny” project in the fullest, most successful fashion I can.

I look forward to your inviting me back again for more of the same; an evening of dining and dialogue that I believe has every potential to help build what our Beyond Gender Tyranny project stands for – 

Forming safe community spaces that provide opportunities for generating consciousness raising experiences for men and women who want to overcome today’s gender divide based on a heartfelt desire to –
  • Mend the broken fences of male-female relationships; 
  • Build bridges of compassion and understanding.
To expand on the issues raised on Friday evening, but not yet discussed to their fullest, I wish to invite any one of the following members, one by one, of your Civil Society Supper Club to join me on my online radio show, Anastasia The Storyteller, for further dialogue on the following issues.  

(On Friday evening we were getting a bit into debate, which was a start, but did not yet go  as far as need be on the following critical issues. Each one of them being of an essential nature to be discussed thoroughly on to way to building a better culture for our children and ourselves, supported by our greatest wisdoms  –
  • J – A grandfather expressing concern on the subject of how today’s young girls, dressing to show off their bodies, are potentially, dangerously inflaming the lust of men.
  • L – A substitute teacher taking up the counter side of J’s issue; how and why today’s young women are intent on granting themselves the freedom to express their fullness as females, without taking responsibility for male lust
  • M – seeking clarification on the appropriate “rules of thumb” for conduct for today’s males toward females, from many different angles.
  • N – Just because I think she truly “got me” on the issues and obstacles my Ethics Complaint is raising for me.
  • I – Because she is a multi-faceted woman of wisdom that I would love to talk with further, by way of  encouraging her express her perspectives to my listening audience. 
Each one of the above issues are perking inside my mind. Each one of these individuals brought me something indelible to consider. As potential topics for my forthcoming radio shows, I would like to give each an airing, in the true style of authentic dialogue, rather than debate fashion, each issue deserves, along with inviting call ins from listeners.

On Friday evening we were just beginning to get below the surface on these gender related issues in a fashion that is so much what-we-don’t-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-#Metoo.

Also, on Friday evening, at your dinner event, I participated in an experience that I considered the “almost” best of what a civil society is capable.

Thank you so much for inviting me to be your evening's "table talker."


Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Executive Director
New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project