Monday, September 26, 2016

New Horizons Is Now On Facebook!

Announcing New Horizons Facebook Page!

Visit us on Facebook – and – see details of our coming “informal” launch of our new important community development project – 

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

“Making Violence Obsolete” How To Get Involved

Making Violence Obsolete”
How To Get Involved
See yourself as an “active” part of this solution!

Be a small “zones of peace” builder in Frederick, in the Washington, D.C. region and across the nation.

Here are some options for getting involved.
  • Become an “active” participant in New Horizons’ Counterculture Community Experiment
  • Attend monthly educational discussion seminars
  • Become a volunteer on one of our committees 
  • Bring the “Making Violence Obsolete” Project into your group or organization
  • Contact Anastasia for a personal interview to discover your “Making Violence Obsolete” aptitude
  • Make a donation!
Join the “Making Violence Obsolete” Team!

Visit our blog site for stories on “Making Violence Obsolete”

For Details and Donations, Contact: Steve Lebherz
Email: Cell: 240.344.5234

Consultations, Contact Anastasia 
Email: Cell: 240.409.5347

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

“Making Violence Obsolete:” The Seminar

The Small “Zones Of Peace” Project
Of The New Horizons Support Network, Inc, presents …

“Making Violence Obsolete”
The Seminar

An Introduction To YOUR Adventure Of A Lifetime 
Lead by New Horizons’ Executive Director, 
Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Based on –
The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard: 
How Communities Come Apart And How They Heal
a work in progress by Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Frederick Friends Meeting House
723 N. Market Street 
Frederick, Maryland 21701

Saturday, October 1, 2016
 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Potluck dinner follows an intriguing Power Point Presentation 
and group discussion. Bring a dish to share.

A small “zone of peace” can be anywhere.

Why not begin building a “zone of peace” in “your” backyard (and in ours)? 

Reserve early, space is limited!

(Donations are welcomed.)

For Details and Reservations, Contact: Steve Lebherz

Email:   Cell: 240.344.5234

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our Premise For “Making Violence Obsolete” Is Not Just An Idea

Can you imagine that an outrageous notion such as “making violence obsolete” might just have some reasonableness to it?

I know that this "premise” is valid because I have lived it! So it’s not just an idea to me, it’s a fact of life, if the conditions are right.
Let's "make violence
obsolete" folks.

Our Premise is --

Violence could become obsolete, “someday”, if we start, now, doing more and more of the right things and, together, stop doing the “wrong” ones!”

Believe it! Totally simple in concept! But not easy in practice.

First step: Begin by committing yourself to the idea and the destination of “Making Violence Obsolete” and you are, immediately, heading in the right direction!

More good news on the way!