Sunday, June 13, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities

The Small “Zones of Peace” Project Core Volunteer Team builds the glow that synergy produces by selecting volunteers who are like-minded about certain values. Some of the values or character attributes we pay most attention to include – Compassion for oneself and others, the ability to be grateful and show it, patience, kindness, accountability, altruism (an attitude of "one for all and all for one"), generosity, good manners, skillful management of anger, sincerity and straightforwardness. We are looking for people who value these qualities in themselves and others enough to keep expanding their development. Continuing to develop these in oneself – and – holding them in esteem in our relationships are essential building blocks of small “zones of peace.” Not everyone chooses to qualify. It truly is a choice each one of us can make. If you are interested in becoming a Small “Zones Of Peace” Project Core Volunteer, the following positions are presently available. If you would like to join our volunteer team and have an idea for your participation that is not listed, please be sure to suggest it. Creative suggestions are a welcome contribution that we will gratefully consider. The following volunteer positions are presently open:
  1. Assistant to aid me, Anastasia, in developing and managing a volunteer corp and fundraising projects. Minimum of four hours per week are needed. Position is long-term. May include bi-weekly meetings. A qualified assistant should have experience with online networking and some experience with Excel. Good organization and phone skills are essential. Majority of work can be done from home.
  2. Community outreach project volunteers
  3. Conversation facilitators for UNESCO Center of Peace, model United Nations Camp, July. (Minimum of six -- eight training sessions).

If interested email:

Each of our volunteers is encouraged to participate in Small "Zones Of Peace” training. We invite you to learn how to create “zones of peace” everywhere you go, using our community development and violence prevention model.

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