Friday, December 17, 2010

Small “Zones Of Peace Action Step #2

Pledge -- To make time, everyday, for personal renewal.

A common misperception about peace-building is the belief that peace action is all about “Doing.” That is not quite accurate!

Peace action is a lot about finding a healthy balance between action and non-action; between DOING and BEING.

Are you making room for a quiet time in your life each day?

Time for reflection, contemplation, introspection, prayer and or meditation?

Time to relax? Time to play? Time to just hang out with friends, family or other loved ones like a pet?

Look to leaders for role modeling such as Gandhi who devoted himself to non-action as an integral part of peace-action.

Have a happy, peaceful weekend wherever you are.

From Anastasia,
Temporarily snowed in up in the mountains

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