Monday, July 4, 2011

Urgency: Part II

Yesterday (July 3), after I had written and posted the blog that follows, I almost immediately wanted to take it down, delete it, disconnect myself from it, as quickly as I could. I felt ashamed of the article I had written.

Yet something in me said, “Wait, hold off, consider, contemplate the writing of the piece and the wanting to be rid of it.”

Though I read and re-read it, eventually doing so twenty or thirty times, I still could not put my finger on what was amiss for me. The best I could come up with that from my post that was as spiritual and vulnerable a piece as I had ever written, the progression to the July 3 blog seemed stilted and false. It seemed as if I had gone and put some kind of mask over myself; somehow left a part of myself behind.

Perhaps I had created what ego-infused “urgency” can do; erected a barrier between my outer self and my inner self as I wrote the blog. Or, perhaps the excitement generated by our last, power-packed “Climbing The Mountain Of Awe GAME” group (June 30) had not been adequately channeled.

Perhaps I was simply feeling pushed by my self-imposed deadline to post, at least, one piece before 4th of July and just wasn’t up to par. Or, perhaps I had gotten so many, precious accolades from that post (I truly did love it myself) that I felt stymied as to what to do next; “a tough act to follow.” Maybe so much change, both positive and challenging, is presently going on in my life that I just do not, consistently, have me together.

Anyway, our blueprint stage GAME group (now meeting almost weekly) was a richly rewarding experience on Thursday, June 30th and brought with it some exciting news that is posted here below.
To help us make the impact we are after, SABA Direct, Inc. has donated a starting supply of the first (of ten parts) of my unpublished, unedited “Random House Trilogy” manuscript for our new fundraising project, specially designed to overcome areas of polarization in communities.

“Surviving Addictions: “On The Origins And Cure Of Adrenalin/Excitement Addictions In Contemporary American Life” makes a strong case for the power and impact of the New Horizons’ approach to community development and violence prevention. Hopefully, our readers, followers and supporters will want to know more about our theories, perspectives and strategies from here forth and will be as excited to purchase a copy of this first manuscript portion as we are to now make it available.

Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church overcame the polarization their congregation was experiencing with the guidance and support of our unique community development approach. In danger of their doors closing, they not only overcame divisions to keep the church open and operating, they took what we provided and created that enviable outcome I call awe. Of course, Centennial drew upon the authority of that best-selling book, The Bible. That was the main source of their awe.

In the secular world, however, something further seems to generally be needed, if one is to reach awe, personally and collectively. We are "excited" (hopefully in the healthiest of ways) to introduce you to the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of the New Horizons’ Small Zones of Peace community development and violence prevention model through the pages of this held-too long in abeyance material.

Thanks to Saba Direct, Inc. we will now have copies of my manuscript (part one of ten) for our participants to use as a handbook for that trek up the Mountain of Awe should you want to join us or try it on your own.

See this link for details on how you can purchase your own personal copy and support our developing “Climbing The Mountain of Awe GAME” project and our other projects yet to be announced.

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