Wednesday, February 29, 2012

About Abkhazian Elder, Murat Yagan, and Anastasia, New Horizons Executive Director

(Also see Anastasia The Storyteller and the Two Pastors, Two Churches stories.)

May, 1999 -- Guest of Honor, Eye Bank Dedication District 22-C -- Ms. Rosen-Jones, legally blind, receives a standing ovation she is unable to see;

Anastasia, Guest of Honor,
Dedication Eye Bank, District
22 C, May, 1999
June, 1999. Anastasia discovers the ancient teachings of Abkhazia as taught by Elder of the Tradition, Murat Yagan;
2000. Murat writes Anastasia. Anastasia meets Murat in person and is “awed.” Anastasia discovers Murat’s map to “awe” – the “Chart of Ascension,” recognizing its kinship to her work with Martin G. Groder, M.D.; (Also see Marty Groder, "The Man Who Believed In Evil."
2001. Anastasia Sees “911” Through A Waxed Paper Veil,” recovers her eyesight (2003), returning to mainstream life (2006) with an assignment to share what she saw when she was blind with Murat’s guidance.

This is “why an Abkhazian Dinner.”

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