Friday, May 4, 2012

Event Becomes Process: Part I

Study Report

How the Possible Human, Possible Society Study went from Think Tank to Abkhazian Dinner to the Bus Ride Story Adventure and gained a whole new dimension.

A vista was discovered, so to speak, that was so unexpected as to be almost off our charts. How very interesting; a pot of gold may have been found for the rainbow’s end!

But it is kind of a long story. And, the ending is far from clear while the moral of the tale is also still obscure. You might want to ignore this story for these reasons alone. Yet it is the kind of yarn for a campfire or its equivalent which, I believe, will only improve with age. Here it goes in case you are interested.

(Should you be new to the adventures of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study which is always a work in progress and very much in motion, check out our study archives.)

On my end telling this story is already soooooo long and tedious. It will take a good while to tell it completely. Minimally, it must be recounted in several parts. Yet the adventure must be shared lest you, particularly, our erstwhile, early study participants wonder whether or not we dropped the ball on our way down the field. (I assure you we did not. However, sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is a bit much to articulate.)

Here goes my tale.

Back in mid-January, duty compelled Sue and I to go ahead, reluctantly, with plans for the Abkhazian Dinner on behalf of our local, annual Season For Non Violence. We had made the commitment late in November. March 25, 2012 was to be our time to present. However, in my mind this planned event did not seem to be quite the next right thing for us to do. Sue would support whatever I wanted to do. Still the decision to do or not to do required intense contemplation.

Then I happened to talk to my friend, Andrea Norouzi, one of Frederick County’s most hard working and devoted peace activists, also on the planning committee for the Season For Non-Violence. I love Andrea and respect her to the utmost. So, oops! Upon my mentioning our contemplation re: the Season For Non-Violence to her, she was not at all pleased with our giving reneging a second thought. Oh, oops, again.

So back I went to Sue a bit perplexed. Honor being as it is, we quickly realized that, casting other priorities aside, we were duty bound to stick to our original plan. The Abkhazian Dinner on behalf of the Season For Non-Violence would be Sunday, March 25, 2012. It was our’s to do. But, it was not quite so easy to readily take up this project as we had done numerous times in the past. Amongst other things our revised plan meant that we would have to postpone our anticipated Think Tank open house scheduled for Frebruary.

Here I will let Event Becomes Process: Part I rest for awhile. It wears me out almost just thinking about what came next and what it set in motion. We do, however, have a tale to tell that is a wonderful example of the gifts fate (or as I prefer to say in Yiddish, B’shrt, meaning destiny) can have in mind for us should we allow ourselves to follow the light.

What do think is happening now?

Answer: Unexplected blessings are coming to us from the turn around talking to Andrea set in motion. And, if I am not mistaken we may just be on our way to AWE!

There will never be an end to it all. Yet we will always be able to trace back to this time as the beginning.

Okay. This is really hard to write, so come back later.

More to come as our tale unfolds and the mysteries of hidden meaning come to light.

In the meantime, please join us on our journey as it unfolds at our May 12 event/process the Bus Ride Story Adventure where more of our tale will surely be told.

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