Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Traveling With You

Sue and I spent a good deal of our precious “New Horizons’ Tuesday Workday" yesterday reviewing and re-assessing plans for our summer ahead of Bus Ride Story Adventures in motion (i.e. rehearsals). We both agreed that our word crafting is presently a bit challenging for us. Conveying what is to occur from an essentially experiential process is generally like that, we realize.

We, also, agreed that although we have a beautiful gift to give others through this adventure, coming through us, of course, from Murat, the support we are seeking from others by participating in this summer of rehearsals will certainly help us be able to be better at our wordsmith-ing.

Over the years that Sue and I have been working together (since 2006), we have, as collaborating teams often do, begun to develop our own shorthand language for understanding one another. In this we are an example of synergy, like the fingers of one hand working together. We keep encouraging others to also notice, more consciously, their own day-to-day working relationships for signs of this; collaboration at it almost highest. In other words, “elegance.”

Given that Sue and I are both more at home with abstract thinking rather than nuts and bolts conceptual articulation, we are still going through some challenges to bring our descriptive language for this Bus Ride Story Adventure up to the level of precision we will need. That is, if we are to carry this project to the peak of our intent; high impact and success with it. Until we reach that peak, please peruse our collection of Bus Ride Story Adventure stories at this link for additional points and discussions on it. (You can, of course, read them anyway for the insights and fun (??) they might provide, if you are up for a browse.)

If you are on our invitation list for this adventure (or would like to be in the future), please know that though we be the tour guides, this series depends on our co-creation with participants to make the adventure worthy of its claims. Our adventure is truly a “We” thing, not a “Me” thing. .

So, if you are to join us when we next rehearse on Sunday, June 24, at our secret adventure hideaway, please know that we are asking you to, not only receive our beautiful gift but we need back what you will do with it to help it sparkle as only people working in synergy can do. That is, then, what can become awe.

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