Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back In The Saddle

Oh, so glad that election is over, so wearied of the race for the occupancy of the White House. Much relieved to know who will take the reins for the leadership of our country.
Now what? If each one of us can now securely seat ourselves in our own saddles of choice, to where do we head?
Like everyone else,  New Horizons has needed to ride with the pack and get ourselves down to the “ole election booth to be appropriately in the game.

Election campaigning, Hurricane Sandy, a few leaks in the roof – and – now very much needing to stand back, take a pause and re-group to keep pace with all the changes.

Today, on the mountain,  the sun shines, the birds vy for eating space at their feeder and I, Anastasia, am looking to find the next best trails for re-engagement for New Horizons.  It is a bit tricky for me, today, as Sue, my astute collaborator, is off on her own new trail, moving into her dream house with her husband, Paul, over the coming week and into Thanksgiving
Nonetheless, here are some of what you can expect from us, as the holidays come and go and the New Year beckons. Hurricane season will abate, God willing, and the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar will either affect our plans or not.

  • Long overdue Peace Buddy of the Month Profiles, beginning with a story about our much appreciated, wise, dedicated and respected volunteer, Jim French;
  • Possible Human, Possible Society Study reports, with the now added benefit of perspectives derrived from the election just passed;
  • Tips on how real deal Peace Buddies carry their load that might inspire your own activities;  
  • Stories on how New Horizons is contributing to our “possible society in motion;”
  • Updates about the availability of the soon–to-be-published in hardback, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II, by our mentor, Murat Yagan and our contribution to it.
  • Links that will tell you how you can make your tax deductible contribution to our fundraising efforts.
And whatever else show ups next.

We are back in the saddle again.

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