Monday, December 24, 2012

The Possible Society In Motion Opening Show

Anastasia’s Commentary

Our first “Possible Society In Motion show was a wonderful experience, achieving just what I was aiming for; true, high minded, “beyond polarization” dialogue. Again, I must repeat, so much to say, so little time, especially today on the eve of Christmas with snow falling, fast and furious, outside my window and a winter advisory in effect.

Nonetheless, a few comments are in order before the next important happening, Christmas Eve, really takes hold. We will, then, keep doing our best, here, to comment with the hope that this new adventure; our “Possible Society In Motion Show,” will soon be enticing you to experience it for yourself. (Next scheduled show announcement for Thursday, December 27, 6:30 pm, forthcoming.)

My panelists, JimFrench and Dana French (unrelated) did this opening show the justice it deserved. They did their homework, as I requested; reviewing my Overcoming Polarizationaddress, prepared to open their discussion comments to carry forward the essence I was attempting to convey with that talk.

Jim’s comments on the importance of each of us exploring the polarization within ourselves were so profound I immediately invited him back to co-host our next show (with a deep wish, on my part, that he will come on board with me for the run of the show). We will open up the next show with his impactful perspectives to start us off.

Dana’s comments were no less profound. As Jim suggests in his commentary on the show, soon to follow this one of mine, once we have expanded on Jim’s opening comments from our first show, I/we will be eagerly looking forward to having Dana back with us to develop his. These two men, our first guests, clearly had well thought out, important insights as to how we can move beyond polarization.

So, we did it!  We created an on-air meaningful conversation (not the same old rehash) on our topic, “Beyond Polarization.” We are, now, on our way to developing a viable forum, having as its mission the intention of helping ourselves, our panelists and other participating guests find, personal and collective, ways to knowing what we, as citizens, can do to move beyond polarization in the U.S.A.

And, since the oft mis-interpreted predictions of the Mayan calendar have now demonstrated that the end of the world has not yet come and we are still here, intact, having the opportunity to not only talk any old talk, but really walk the walk, let’s do it, as much and as quickly as we can!

For inspiration, along those lines, check out this quote from Anne Frank.

One official year; December 31, 2011 to January 1, 2013 doing almost one hundred interviews for our Possible Human, Possible Society Study has certainly shown me a great deal about what it is going to take to intentionally create that best possible society in motion. In return for all the support our study has garnered I pledge to do my best to offer back what I/we are learning to help that effort.

Look for our next New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” postings that will include an announcement for our next Possible Society In Motion Show and a commentary on our opening show by Jim French.

Merry Xmas!!!

See the Blog Talk Radio icon on this New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” home page to hear a recorded audio of our show.

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