Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our landscape has changed

Possible Human, Possible Society Study Report: data usage and storytelling
(Possible Human,Possible Society Study participants, please read carefully.)

Our playing fields have been altered; from the inside to the contradictions of the outer and back inside again. Don’t you see/feel it?
Future shock is here along with the unpredictable challenges of climate change, and goodness knows what other kinds of upheaval we are yet to see. We are, indeed, living in an unstable world environment.

And, where are you today? Have you gotten it clear with yourself how to keep yourself both grounded and elevated to the higher realms of consciousness? And, carry your best possible self out into the world?

More power to you, if you can readily answer the four basic existential questions that are fundamental to training and practice as a Transactional Analyst, the path I followed most devotedly as a psychotherapist.
·         Who am I?
·         Who are you?
·         What’s everybody doing here?
·         And, what am I supposed to do in a place like this with people like you?
Then there are the notable words of Rabbi Kushner, ”Tough times never last, tough people do.”

Well, along about now, I would like to be a lot less toughened up by circumstances while still staying around for the run of the show, at least for a good while. What more can I say about my personal quandary of these days?
For now these, possibly, wearisome musings of mine are, certainly, underscored, as New Horizons, now, begins, our second full year with our Possible Human, Possible Society Study. To us it has become clear that our best  immediate pathway to beginning to share the data we are gathering from our study – and – also placing some of the jewels we have found - into immediate service for the good of all, turns out to be –

Our Possible Society In Motion Show on Blog Talk Radio -- with you on air with me, if you are a study interviewee, as a guest or panelists on future shows.
Here are a few of the reasons why –

1.       Your personal stories, along with the rationale each person holds as relevant and important to these stories have turned out to be, singularly, the richest treasures brought forth from our interviews;

2.      Study finding details, overall, will need to be held in reserve for publicizing until the study is complete so as not to taint the interview process with too much revealed, too soon. That will not be until sometime after December 31, 2015.
But your stories and the teachable messages related to them, in your own words, are most apropos for sharing now. And, New Horizons believes they can make a difference, now,  in helping to elevate our “Possible Society In Motion.”

So please accept this first invitation, if you are a Possible Human, Possible Society Study interviewee, to participate at this next level. I want to draw you out, on air, so that you can share your well-thought out wisdom, as in our private interviews, with others.
We, at New Horizons, believe your words can make a difference.

Look for details in the coming weeks on how you, if you are a Possible Human, Possible Society Study participant, can join me as an on-air guest or panelists on our Possible Society In Motion Show.

Information on how to get involved may follow slowly, at first, but it is in motion to include you soon.  

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