Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Lean In Legacy

Bravo!! Guess what????

Out of last month’s leaky roof and the vision, love, loyalty and stubbornness of board member and Remodeling Project Chairperson, Sue deVeerit ain’t gonna leak no more.

Sue was gonna install that roof herself, if no other way showed up.

Look what her stubbornness hath brought instead.

Who knows the ways of Magic, Mystery, Fairy Dust and Love.

And, there was a chill in
the air as that roof went on.
The roof is almost done and it’s only Wednesday!!!

There will be no Roof Raising Community Building Event this coming Sunday!!

This week so far --
  • Monday, Allen Beckett, contractor, called Sue, taking the initiative to respond to our greatest hopes for a ROOF!
  • Tuesday, Allen sent us materials and a roofer that installed most of it.
  • Wednesday, Allen called/texted Sue. Sue called Anastasia and excitedly shared that most of the rest of the roofing will be completed on Thursday as per Allen, again, and his loyal and talented roofing team.
Now how did that happen? You tell me!

Much gratitude to Allen Beckett, contractor and his steady team of helpers.

And to Guy Burkett whose early generous donation to this project helped the dream start to become reality when it was only a wish!

More to come.

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