Friday, April 18, 2014

If you’d like to travel with us --

Things have a way of unfolding, superficially, these days on a grand scale, yet without much substance. They are here today and gone tomorrow; a fate I, personally, do not cherish.

The Small “Zones Of Peace” Project, sponsored by New Horizons Support Network, Inc. does not subscribe to this fast-paced way of traveling through life. We are always after turning the lead into the gold. The latter takes time, patience and more patience.
We want to travel
with you!

On the other hand, we must be realistic. The world of Future Shock is upon us, now. And we are called to manage new ways of doing and being, even if we do not like them (maybe we will later). We wonder, not infrequently, how to develop substance given the limits of present conditions.

But life being what it is these days, we have decided to make a few huge adjustments. This means we will, now, seek ways to expand our interactive-dependent Bus Ride Story Adventure, Coffee House Conversations community-unity building model, our Cultural Mediation Paradigm and our various other programs and projects on the internet. Somehow this will, also, include the wonderful treats of our Abkhazian Dinner program. (You will, however, need to supply your own food.)

We will still continue to do our best to bring real live humans, together, face-to-face, with other real live humans. However, we will now, also, stretch ourselves and our skills online too.

But don’t be fooled by our efforts for an expanded presence, here; substance and surface are not necessarily easy partners. 

We will still need to take time to grow, develop, nurture and mature our intention – to bring about a flourishing result; the “awe” of turning lead into gold that is our standard. 

We are not even certain we can achieve this. So don’t expect too much from this new initiative.  Nothing substitutes for living, breathing human beings.

Nonetheless, having determined this direction, you can, now, look forward to garnering more and more tips and tools on --

“How to become the best possible human in the best possible society” 

-- the New Horizons’ Small “Zones of Peace” Project way from here forth, beginning today. 

You can be a part of our unfolding – and develop more of your own -- by following our blog postings and radio shows, imperfect as they and we are.

In fact, on last night’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, we discussed “Being the change” we are seeking by taking risks to expand our comfort zones. Today, we are doing just that, here.

So let the good times and the Easter eggs roll!

And, have a very happy holiday weekend.

Best wishes,

Anastasia and Sue
Small "Zones Of Peace" Co-Creators

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