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An Open Letter To Our Study Participants

You deserve a personal note

We want you to know the changes going on that are – and – will be impacting on our Possible Human, Possible Society Study and your participation in it. To do this, the following is a letter that will tell you: 1. How we got from there to here; and 2. Where we are now in terms of the study and its unfolding developments.

Snail's Pace?
No! No! Not So!
OMG! This is turning out to be a bit of a newsletter.

If you wish to bypass the story and find out more, now, about our developing plans, simply scroll down to #2 below.
  1.            From there, July, 2013, to here, May, 2014
Major changes are underway in the tone and activities of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, operating under the sponsorship of New Horizons Support Network, Inc. and its two main initiatives, the Small “Zones of Peace” Project and the Possible Society In Motion Project. 

We are well aware of when these transformations became apparent to us. However, we cannot even begin to imagine where they will end. 

Noting the shift

The world, as we know it, is presently turning itself upside down. We feel certain you feel it as much as we do. We can trace the recent shift to the day Sue and I received copies of Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science ofUniversal Awe, Volume II, the most recent book of our Beloved community development mentor, Murat Yagan.

It was early August and we had just passed our annual, July board meeting. Our plans for the coming year seemed to be set. Our main tasks would be to develop a teaching manual to support our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show and to begin raising the funds that would enable us to do this and our many other related projects and programs.

We were excited to see our own contribution to the book in print. But even more so was the wisdom and guidance Murat had so comprehensively put forth in this book. And, the many other contributions from students of his, like us, from around the world.

Upon reading the contribution of Lisa Talesnick, “No Good Can Come To Me Unless It Comes First To My Brothers and Sisters,” we both actually cried, spontaneously. Lisa, a long time student of Murat and Kebzeh heads a news company, based in the Middle East. Her article tells of the application of Murat’s teachings to the forming of the All Nations CafĂ©, “transforming checkpoints into meeting points” in Israel and Palestine. When you read it, you, too, might cry with joy and releasing sorrow.

Only days after receiving our books, Sue and I took off for a Canadian retreat at her family’s summer cabin. By the time we returned, the central message of Murat’s tome, his methodology for turning the lead of consciousness into the gold of transformation, had already taken hold in each of us.

For me, personally, I, also, returned with the almost completed draft of a new book, HotPants, Motorcycles and K Street: In TheEra Before Watergate. It had virtually popped out of me while I sat on the edge of a boat dock, enjoying the sun. I hope to have it completed and ready for publication by 2016. It is a memoir that is grounded in how my days as a celebrity entrepreneur in Washington, D.C. thrust me into the fire pit of my own transformation. And, how this experience, then, became the theoretical and strategic foundations that are, today, embodied in every aspect of New Horizons.

The challenges of Fall, 2013 through Winter, 2014

We might have, readily, carried this burgeoning force forth into our Possible Human, Possible Society Study – and – the various programs and projects emerging from it, under the auspices of our Possible Society In Motion Project.  But, life as it happens, soon showed up with an obstacle. A visit to Washington to begin research for my book, unfortunately, resulted in my attracting an eye infection that seriously threatened my sight in both eyes!

By early December when the most serious potentials of that infection had been averted, we were headlong into the cruelest, bitterest winter we can remember. The rest is history, not only for us, but for all of you, as well. Suffice it to say that almost until May Day, we were managing an on-going, uphill battle to simply stay warm. This is an especially challenging endeavor if one does, as we do, heat on wood that had long been exhausted in terms of our original winter stockpile.

The upside of Fall, 2013 into Spring, 2014

Paralleling the trials of this time, our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, co-hosted by Jack Slattery and myself, was, by this time, advancing beautifully and evolving into a teaching series. Integrating our developments on-air with all that was going on behind the scenes, another creation of mine, also, "popped" out of me; the “Lean In Legacy Template” which has, now, become the centerpiece of our radio show.

In the midst of this building momentum, however, a winter storm, power outage re-routed one of our scheduled radio shows. To save the day, our program for that evening became a conference call forum, only. (With no electricity I was finding script preparation and the various other intricacies of radio show production a bit much for that night.) Thus another new creation emerged, the “Turning Lead Into Gold Sohbet/study group.

The gifts of this serendipitous happening were and are immeasurable; the greatest one that our Beloved Murat had passed beyond this earthly plane only a month or so before. And, our Sohbet/study group would allow us to share what we had gained from him, along with being able to continue to celebrate his well-lived life and the teachings given so generously. In a world so much in want for role models, sharing, even stories of this noble man is a gift.

(Do I sound as if I am a bit pregnant these days. Actually, I do believe I am! I am pregnant with creations born of turning the lead (i.e. clutter) of oneself into the gold of personal and collective transformation.
It is all happening so fast in my life, these days, I frequently feel quite upside down!)

You, finding out more

Well, I could go on and on with New Horizons and personal tales ad infinitum. I do hope I can share some of them after a while with you, face-t0-face; the most precious way, as time such as this is so hard to come by these days.

However, you can keep abreast of some of these tales and transitions by listening to my/our radio show, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show at:

And, reading my blog posts at -

2.      From here, May, 2014 into the future (listed, only, by item). If you wish details, please do not hesitate to contact me at: Cell: 240.409.5347 or email:

·         We are seeking to recruit an administrative/research assistant (or volunteer) to help manage the study data, now, being collected – and – our growing correspondence and communication demands;

·         We will soon, also, begin recruiting student interns (or volunteers) to assist with data collection for the study as well as enhanced communication efforts for increasing the visibility of the study and its findings;

·         The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, the “Turning Lead Into Gold Sohbet/study group and the Possible Human, Possible Society Study personal interviews will, most likely, move into high gear, now, taking precedence, at times, over the blogs, in terms of keeping you abreast about our current (and very inspiring) interactive efforts;

·         We will, soon, begin re-contacting study participants to, again, update our data on your attitudes and activities to better our society – and -- yourself;

·         We will, also, again, be organizing -- or attempting to organize -- community building gatherings in the coming, warm weather season, at our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center (we will keep you informed as details emerge);

·         We will continue to post blogs on our study activities and findings, as time allows;

·         By year’s end, we are hoping to have prepared and sent personal report cards to present participants of how we have observed your attitudes and activities to be measuring up alongside those of our whole body of study data collection. (Should you wish a personal report and not have received one, please do contact our office to request your respective evaluation.);

·         We will, also, soon, be letting you know how you can best support these exciting efforts of ours.

New Horizons' Possible Society In Motion Project, underwritten by the Possible Human, Possible Society Study is a winner!

Stay informed! Stay in touch!


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