Sunday, July 27, 2014

We Caught A Whopper!

When an energetic discussion on society and politics can handle the “big” question of the cost of our having a heritage of “Founding Fathers but no Founding Mothers,” you know you’re getting close to some of the “real deal” problems in today’s American culture.

(This point thanks to Jack.)

Soon after, if you get into the role of love (agape = unconditional people love) or the lack thereof in our enormous cache of cultural problems (thanks to Mike), then you know you might be talking a bit about solutions rather than merely complaining about problems.

This is what you get to hear if you listen to the podcast of our lively exchange of thoughts and ideas on yesterday’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show with G.M. (Mike) Corrigan as our featured guest.

To take the theme of “100 Ways To Sunday: or how to become…a possible society in motion rather than a troubled one!” to even more enticing heights, on our extended conference call portion, one participant, a woman of course, brought up the idea of sending a thousand mothers rather than the National Guard to our child-immigrant threatened borders.

What a whopper of catch all this made of yesterday’s special program!

P.S. No more shows now for two weeks. Anastasia leaving for vacation.

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