Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dancing In The Dark, Living In The Light

Anastasia The Super Sleuth Says –

The hoax – the almost biggest lie (maybe the BIGGEST) is

“If you “appear” to be all goodness and light, then you are all goodness and light (or mostly anyway).”

Not so! Not so!

New Horizons sponsored research, dating back to 1980, recently updated, is revealing that “better than 95% of our population is “dancing in the dark,”  at least sometimes, regardless of how “nice” we  may look on the outside.
Dancing With The
Dark Side

This also includes Anastasia, The Super Sleuth, who just happens to know how to have fun with her Dark Side!

Don’t you sometimes wish you did too?

Find out your part in spreading the Dark Side Disease, currently infecting our country.

And, how you can heal and transform it, personally, interactionally and politically, to its highest good.

New Horizons is here to enlighten you.

Anastasia, The Super Sleuth, is here to guide you.

3 Dark Side inventories you can use today to test yourself.
Hear Anastasia And Jack discuss the “Dark Side” and the Light on podcast --

"Get on board today to “Explore Your Dark Side: The Adventure of A Lifetime” and transform it!

You will barely believe how much personal power you have waiting for you."

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