Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finding The Light In The Dark Sides Of American Life

I am looking forward to Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and I doing an inspiring post mid-term elections program this coming evening. Our pre-program planning meeting last evening brought me a certain clarity of mind as to how best for me to hold this most current emblem of American life, mid-term elections.

Finding myself caught up in ruminations about the significance of this recent, collective foray into the Republican and Democratic parties “who struck John,” why and so forth so that no real winners for the long haul could truly emerge, I didn’t like the feel of it.

Out of my reflecting on that fact; not liking the ruminations of that ilk, a theme for this next show was birthed, titled –

This show is offered in honor of our dear friend and supporter, G.M. (Mike) Corrigan. Jack and I dedicate this show to Mike who first introduced me to the notion that there is, indeed a “Secret Civil War” that needs exposing. (I also, personally, thank Mike for his beautiful -- and my favorite -- feature interview/article about me, titled "Finding Light In The Darkness.")

Shining a light on that darkness makes, at least, a modicum of difference, better than ignoring it!

Please join Jack and I, offering you a hand up to by-pass the negative vibes of one more god-awful political shenanigan-ing, by listening to tonight’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show

Thursday, November 6, 2014 6:30 p.m.

As usual the on-air, broadcast portion of the show is followed by a conference call forum discussion. 

Guests are welcome to join in at: 712.432.0600, access code 640883 (also recorded).

If you miss the original conference call discussion, please contact New Horizons, the show's sponsoring organization, at: for access code for the conference call recording.

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