Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Invitation and A Request

Conversations In Kind Gifts Request -- And -- an invitation for hangin’ out and community building to our Frederick Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations Supporters/Participants.

Did you know you can contribute In Kind Gifts To Our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center Remodeling Project?

It’s a real win-win deal. (See the bottom of this page for what we need.)

Your In Kind Gifts are fully tax deductible!

And you can bring them with you to Dublin Roasters when you join us for our next event –

Kids and Kops In Conversation, May 16th

About Our Request

Here is the story

On this bright and beautiful day with the sun shining and the weather warmed up a good bit we, at New Horizons, are turning our thoughts to the coming months ahead. Springtime will do that for us out here in the mountains.  And, likely for you, too, wherever you are.

T0day the birds that visit the feeder outside my office window are not only hungry but cheerful, chirping happily away.  On occasion even their babies are now flying in. So it is that Sue deVeer, who is Chairperson of the remodeling project at our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center, and myself are busily preparing for our spring and summer projects. Winter, as usual was much too long so we are now trying to catch up on its limitations.

This year we hope to make enough progress to share the abundance we have out here. “God willing and the creek don’t rise,” by summertime we anticipate welcoming the many friends we have made recently through our Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations in Frederick for some informal, but grand times out here on sunshine filled days and clear summer evenings.

Campfire conversations and potluck dinners after a day of community connecting and shared work projects have always turned out to be among the best of times for us at our retreat center.  They bring us a sense of community that is hard to beat!

In the meantime, while we are getting back to our clean up,fix up, paint up chores on our mountainside property – and – doing our last two Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations (Saturday, May 16 and Saturday, June 20) in Frederick, we would very much like it if you would take time to consider supporting our work out here.

Our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center remodeling project would definitely appreciate your In Kind Gifts to help our remodeling efforts.  And, your time and talent to help us put things in motion.

To join in the progress, here is a partial list of what we need –

(Of course we always need more so if you have trash that might be our treasure, please talk to Sue about it. Her cell number is 240.367.4403.)

Volunteers – Do please make yourself a part of our community-building and remodeling projects.

Come share the richness of our land. Make yourself at home. You can talk and talk and talk almost as long as you like. And, hang out -- and do volunteer work with Anastasia who lives on our property. Many daytime opportunities can be arranged. All that is asked is that you bring your own lunch or dinner or food to share. Please call Anastasia at 240.409.5347.

Our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center was purchased by a group of investors on our behalf for the main purpose of being a training center as well as a place for community gatherings. We want to share it with you. So please consider it as a place to visit on a nice spring or summer day. Come and hang out for some wonderful informal conversing, always about building bridges of connection and aiming higher and higher for being our best and doing our best;

Sue comes out, generally, every other Tuesday to work on the property. So that is always an extra fun day to connect with both Sue and Anastasia. Work, play, eat (bring a bag lunch), talk, hang out, dream, enjoy summer in the mountains at New Horizons Harpers Ferry Retreat Center -- and -- grow community good will.

Do please join us for Summer In The Mountains, 2015!

In Kind Gift Donations that we need –
  • Leaf rakes;
  • Chain saw;
  • Gas powered lawn mower;
  • Lilies for planting;
  • Bark mulch;
  • Axe;
  • Maul;
  • Weed whackers;
  • White outdoor furniture;
  • Lounge chairs;
  • Extra large ceramic planters;
  • Heavy duty, come along cable puller/winch;
  • Black wall installed microwave;
  • Vacuum sweeper.
Don’t hesitate to offer us your trash to become our treasure.

We need your support to help make our exceptional community network vision happen!

Contact Sue at 240.367.4403 for inquiries on this.

Sue will also sell your treasures on ebay to: 1. Give the entire return to New Horizons or; 2. Return a percentage back to you and give the remainder to New Horizons.

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