Thursday, December 10, 2015

In An Era of Societal Stress

Does polarization among citizens, such as our politicians serve us up as daily fare, make sense? 

Or might our strength and our hope for “peace on earth” lie elsewhere such as finding opportunities for meaningful dialogue rather than debate to help us cross whatever divides one from another?

Anastasia and Jack explore this topic in tonight’s Possible Society In Motion Radio Show broadcast, "Dialogue Rather Than Debate In An Era of Societal Stress."

In this era of supreme societal stress with concerns such as terrorism, highly charged race and police relations, are U.S. citizens doing enough to combat these threats by merely giving voice to these matters?

Or is there more to be done that can be done? And even make a difference?

Anastasia takes a firm stand on the need for citizens to engage in ongoing dialogue with the intent to learn from others, the developing of skill in the art of dialogue and the ability to grow toward one another across whatever separates.

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