Sunday, January 17, 2016

Question: If “Just” Talking Isn’t Enough, Then What Is?

Answer: There are no easy answers!  

However, as I (Anastasia) see it, there are certain fundamental principles that, if respected, have a better than average influence on “how to talk.” (For example, leaning in and dialogue rather than debate.) These can enhance your potential for positive outcomes, whenever, wherever and with whomever you talk (most of the time).

Let’s begin the discussion on this by reviewing a few bottom line points from a New Horizons perspective.  

Then, over time, we (at New Horizons) will provide guidance on these, by way of information, support and individual and group coaching to help you apply principles and related practices. 

Look for details on these on our three blog sites and on our two radio shows; the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show and Anastasia The Storyteller. (Current details below.)

Bottom Line, based on our Possible Human, Possible Society Study combined with our review (to date) of our Coffee House Conversations Project events of 2015: 

Community dialogue in our locale has made a promising first step, but only a first step. We’ve still a long way to go. 

Here is New Horizons assessment of where individuals and our community need to develop proficiency, if true “exceptional community” development is a goal.
  • Being able to truly enter into dialogue and move beyond debate with emotionally charged issues;
  • Risking getting into emotionally charged issues that will need to be addressed if genuine community health is desired;
  • Conflict resolution (at New Horizons we call this moving from “snags to synergy);”
  • Learning to truly “lean in” to people who are different or who hold markedly different viewpoints, especially where emotionally charged issues present and need to be addressed for the good of the whole;
  • Developing compassion and understanding regarding differences;
  • Developing endurance and patience with the process of systematic community change upon which we are only newly embarking.
Okay. So now what, if making a better world and/or local community is what I/we are after?

There are no simple answers and no easy routes. All pathways are challenging, even dangerous (at least to the ego), and require conscientious, diligent and taxing discipline and efforts.

Are you ready? 

If you are, be prepared for the immeasurable rewards that could be, if you will allow yourself to reach further than the comfort zones you are accustomed to. You may need to reach beyond this and even endure losses that may result on the way to the rewards.

Our New Horizons Board of Directors and volunteer supporters and staff are here to guide you. 

All you need do is ask for our assistance and/or respond to our invitations.

To make your adventure a bit easier, tune into the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show with Jack Slattery, my co-host, and myself for lively discussions to help you move from "here" to "there," wherever that is for you.  

Look for details here on how you can join our Possible Society In Motion forums.

And, now -- being added, a whole new series of broadcast programs, followed by conference call forums on –

"Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue,” 

A radio show and discussion format to assist you, with Anastasia’s personal guidance, to learn the art of meaningful dialogue rather than all the other ways of talking that solve nothing much. Haven't you noticed?

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Monday, January 25 at 11”30 a.m.

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Anastasia is calling you, dearie.

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