Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Making Violence Obsolete: New Horizons’ Next Amazing Project

New Horizons Support Network, Inc. proudly announces  

The Counterculture Community Development Experiment:
Frederick County, Maryland Project

Vision -- 

Small “Zones of Peace” Project: Working with others to construct sustainable, community prototypes wherein all forms of violence and deceit can become obsolete

Tag Line: “Making violence obsolete”

Mission Statement – Preliminary, August 9, 2016

To unite diverse groups in Frederick County (and beyond, regionally and nationally) by creating an experimental counterculture approach to community unity based on the development of enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills. 

Counterculture is defined here as a subculture situated within the mainstream whose values and norms of behavior differ from those of the traditional society surrounding it.


At New Horizons we have come to believe that violence can someday, conceivably, become rare or even obsolete when improved ways of developing working community structures, healthy communication, and conflict resolution become the norm. 

New Horizons, as a frontrunner, since the mid-1970s, in establishing and sustaining community entities based on this principle, now pledges itself to bringing its knowledge base, experience and skill to Frederick County, Maryland, as our starter experiment, because we believe this county has demonstrated that it has enough of the necessary ingredients to approach our ideal. We envision ourselves supporting the potential for this attainment in Frederick County, Maryland, based on the evolution of our working philosophies and practical applications as we have seen them play out in Frederick

As we do our part to help raise up this already wonderful city/county we will be refining our approach to carry it to other areas. Be a part of the adventure!

Find out how you can become a participating member of this experiment!

More details on the way.

For details and additional information, contact –

Anastasia Rosen-Jones, Executive Director, New Horizons Support Network, Inc.

Cell: 240.409.5347, Email: SuperSleuthDSW@aol.com
Blog site: zonesofpeacenh.blogspot.com

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