Monday, August 26, 2013

Murat Yagan's Message of Wisdom

"There is one Truth, and this Truth is buried with all Its majesty in the consciousness of Homo sapiens which is the best reflector of Cosmic Consciousness."

Murat Yagan, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II

Murat Yagan reveals further knowledge of the ancient oral Tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh in this second Volume. He provides further ref lections on the "mystical science" of Ahmsta Kebzeh, which says that the origin of God is a mystery but that how God works can be learned. He reveals the secret of Alchemy as taught by the ancient oracles of his people, gives further explanation about "life as a game of Consciousness," deepens understanding of the Cosmic Laws of Creation, unveils how manifestation occurs through Master Desire and Silent Prayer, and makes clear the nature of Creativity. He gives the aspirant invaluable exercises for transformation, including "Healing by Putting Hands On". Volume II is accompanied by a CD of his reading of key exercises from both Volume I and this Volume. Included also is a collection of writings from students and friends of the Teaching.

In addressing the place of human in Creation, Ahmsta Kebzeh reorients us to the vital Truth of Who and What we are by offering a process of transformation that raises us to the full realization of our predestination as completed, perfected 'Human'.

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