Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Happens Next?
Moving From Snags To Synergy

Developing artistry in finding “elegant solutions.”

Snags to synergy again and again.

“We” – our formerly enchanted snake, now released from the spell cast upon it, and I discovered our first “elegant solution” when we elected to converse with one another after the snake bite incident.

That was a big deal, you know. (Please keep this fundamental solution, conversing, in mind and you can assume I did eventually get my turn.) His turn -- releasing him from enchantment. Mine -- allowing me to speak of and, thus, more readily than otherwise -- heal my pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually. All was well.

So our story makes the point that – mow we have a beginning, the snake and I. We know how to talk to one another. As long as this liberated prince continues to do "the next right thing" and, I do the same which includes conversing fairly to make our way through any obstacles we are likely to reach that peak of the Mountain of Awe, sooner or later. (Remember Brittany’s story on how a “zone of peace” can be anywhere?)

If we set out to reach that peak and run into snags – and -- at least, keep learning as we set our sights on climbing higher and higher, success should be ours for the taking. There it is: the art of finding “elegant solutions."

Conversing is crucial, along with learning new ways to look at things and thinking outside the box.

Working through snags to get to the synergy (synergy = a "high step above cooperation").

Simple. But not easy. Right? This adventure, the ascent of the Mountain of Awe, is – in good measure about doing "the next right thing" and traveling with those who do the same; carrying forth essential values of:

“An enemy is someone whose story you haven’t yet heard.”

1. Being wholly committed to the journey.

2. Being committed to caring and compassionate authenticity – and – accountablility.

3. Welcoming the authenticity and accountability of others (when offered caringly and compassionately).

4. Seeking elegant solutions to whatever obstacles present themselves.

5. Striving to do the goodly thing. (or as AA folks say, “do the next right thing”) We don’t have to be the same on much else if can agree on these points; be like-minded about the fundamental ways to "be" with one another in peace and in conflict.

So now the prince, who was once an enchanted snake, and I - and everyone else - intent on coming along on this journey are off to climb that Mountain of Awe like-minded as we are on these few items. Conversation, when there is something to say, is a fundamental principle that will hold things together.

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