Friday, December 30, 2011

The Other Side of the Coin

Sabotaging “the walk”

We do this too; every one of us, sabotage the very “walk” we proclaim ourselves to be taking with devotion. Nonetheless, when asked, we might, at first, even suggest that we are almost flawless as builders of peace and unity. After all, we have our pride.

Still I hear of the challenges on this path; the courage demanded in pursuing the way of clarity and integrity, in the testimony of study interviews. We do not travel this road without facing our flaws. We have not yet mastered the traversing of the peaks and valleys of our trek, but we are in there making the attempt.

So there is also the other side of the coin, for each and every one of us. Proclaiming our righteous intent, in the next little while, we step into our control games. Hiding, even from ourselves, we mask our manipulations, seductions, judgments and assumptions; labeling others as “other” (though we wish we had not), being impatient, self-righteous, arrogant and covert, hurrying up into the next non-urgent “urgency,” justifying resentments, limiting our compassion as if it were a commodity as pricey as gasoline.

We can put a man on the moon and, yet, not be completely; no holding back, builders of “zones of peace” in our bedrooms, living rooms and neighborhoods. Thus we are humbled by the lessons of our lives. Coming out from behind these maneuvers, being straightforward, transparent and accountable while maintaining diplomacy, as we demand of others, is no easy task. Not at all an endeavor for the faint hearted. Gandhi’s words below are significant here:

"We do best to begin by carving out territories or zones of peace in our personal relations where violence and deceit won't be used."- Mahatma Gandhi

We are discovering the truth of this statement as well as its pitfalls. To be quite honest it is a treacherous road we are traversing; this path of honesty, integrity and non-violence, being fully accountable.

Networking maven, Nancie Rosenberg, is truly a messenger bird for me, bringing me tidbits from sources I would not ordinarily find on my own. Recently, she patiently read me the following quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s book, The Storm Before The Calm” which I embraced with relish.

"How is it possible that 6.9 billion people can all claim to want the same thing (Peace, security, opportunity, prosperity, happiness, and love) and be singularly unable to get it"?

Beautifully stated; I quote it again and again, these days.

As we face the realities of ordinary, day-to-day life, we see the challenges of our journey. If you are wanting to grow your peace-building quotient and/or iron out any wrinkles in your repertoire, you can look forward to our 2012 Possible Society In Motion programs, designed exclusively for study participants (unless stated otherwise), as tentatively scheduled below:

  • Think Tank, Open Meeting (Space is limited, so reserve early): Where we drop our assumptions in the service of inspiring dialogue and clarity. Thursday, February 9, 1 to 3 p.m.;
  • Awe Game Study Group: Based on Anastasia’s “Random House Trilogy” manuscript material. We are now working our way through part one of 10 in the series. Current main topic, transforming societal and personal sabotages into opportunities for peace and unity. Thursdays, alternating with Think Tank Meetings , 1 to 3 p.m.
  • Abkhazian Dinner EventAn oft repeated special event for the Frederick Season For Non-Violence, details to be posted early in 2012. Sunday, March 25, 3 to 6 p.m. (Open to the public).
  • Stretching Your BestHalf day seminar for study participants, using concepts from Anastasia’s “Random House Trilogy” and dialogue on building “The Possible Society.” -- April, Date (TBA)
  • Using Your Dark Side In The Service of Peace  – Half day seminar for study participants, using concepts from Anastasia’s “Random House Trilogy” and dialogue on being a Possible Human in a Possible Society. May, Date (TBA)
Link here to make a tax-deductible donation to help support our Possible Human, Possible Society Study and our Possible Society In Motion programs and projects.

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  1. Thank you, Dear Anastasia, for quoting me, quoting Neale. this piece is great! PEACE & LOVE, Nancie