Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Real deal" Peace Buddies

Okay, now that I’ve liberally bathed myself in the gift that was a lift, I am just about ready to put that Pretender Peace Buddy Pod affair behind. And, open the way forward for new energies to flow into New Horizons beautiful initiatives; the Small “Zones of Peace” Project and the Possible Human, Possible Society Study. As captain of our ship, I am, more or less, responsible for putting the wind back in our sails and charting our most advantageous course forward; the pathway of progress.

We’ll not abandon whatever muddle and mess may still need attention. Not leave clutter behind us, forever and ever, mind you, as I believe in completing one’s grief work, letting go of a loss, when its work is thoroughly complete.

One doesn’t necessarily have a definitive time table for tidying up human affairs. As a dear friend of mine suggested,
“It will take as long as it takes. And be done when it’s done.”

A line (paraphrased here) from the noted teacher, Steven Levine, also, comes to mind,
“Grief work is a process, not an event.”
Both thoughts suggest, to my mind, how it is that a bus ride can become a labryintth-like progression rather than simply an excursion. Such as the myriad considerations on a tour bus do when someone, even a group/pod of someones, leaves the bus, way before it can even come close to its destination.

Okay. Now for some next steps.

Pledged from here forth to begin:

  • Putting time and life affirming energies into acknowledging some of the wonderful, dedicated “real deal” Peace Buddies that have already come to so generously contribute their time and energies into our Possible Human, Possible Society mission; wholehearted aiding our discovery of who is walking the walk for U.S.A. unity and how they are doing it in their own particular style.
  • Telling some of these Possible Human, Possible Society stories in the words of the walkers.
Coming soon!

And, sometime, soon after that, we will formally announce, here, online who has been given our first year’s Peace Buddy Award winner and why.

Read this link to remind yourself what New Horizons means by a Peace Buddy. Check it out, also, to discover what you might do to qualify for next year’s award, to be officially announced at next year’s Abkhazian Dinner, as it was, also, this year though it was temporarily buried while we cleared away our clutter.

Always, of course, in the words of old country Jewish tradition, “G-d willing.”

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