Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Science of Universal Awe

Behind the scenes of New Horizons Bus Ride Story Adventure (original story by Murat Yagan).

Murat Yagan's new book and our contribution to it.

Ahmsta Kebzeh:
The Science of Universal Awe,
Volume I
In May Anastasia and New Horizons were invited to submit an article for Murat’s forthcoming, new book Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II.

The topic of our article is the behind the scenes foundations of our Bus Ride Story Adventure as well as our coming plans for the "adventure" series.

Our submission was mailed in for our August 15 deadline. Wasn’t that just yesterday? Well, yes it was!

Actually it went out at sundown the night before which we were advised was also the end of Ramadan, celebrated by dear friends of ours.

The process of writing and editing this article has been a most profound experience for our board, also a behind the scenes undertaking of New Horizons while our annual meeting was being delayed. (Maybe all was just as it should be.)

Once the final review and editing of this article are completed by Murat and his support team, the unpublished, pre-publication final draft of it will be emailed to Possible Human, Possible Society Study interviewees as a thank you gift for participation, unless we are asked not to do this. It is expected, at this time, that the entire 10 page article will be published in its entirety.

If you are a Possible Human, Possible Society interviewee you should find this to be a most enlightening piece as some insightful comments are made in it about our study findings and our March Abkhazian Dinner.

Look for details on our article submission and Murat’s new book, coming soon!

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