Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Message from a supporter

"Welcome back! Glad you have Re - -Turned!"

This message came to me in an email today from one of New Horizons supporters. Short as it was, it prompted me to respond with the following comments. I liked what came of it. My response might be of general interest here and/or useful to Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants.

My response is as follows. (Also posted today on Anastasia The Storyteller.)

Dear “Anonymous”

Please feel free to forward this message.

Thank you for your email message. I am grateful that you chose to offer me your perspectives on my present "Great Turning."

My response to your message follows.

I invite you to continue the dialogue that connects us and your view from outside and mine from the inner. I do, also, have some perceptions of the outer as well as input from others. Continuing to converse in meaningful, growth producing ways such as in Possible Human, Possible Society Study interviews, our Think Tank, storytelling and New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project group presentations and programs are keys to this unfolding dialogue in the thinking paradigm of New Horizons.

“Turning,” as I am meaning it in my “Tis A Gift To Be Simple” article, is a spiritual discipline, luv. So I have not re-turned to anything, physically from anywhere. I am where I always am, physically, and, yet, still I am “turning” spiritually. On the physical plane, one need only reach out to me, personally, to get a personal response as you are receiving here.

Please re-read the “Tis A Gift To Be Simple” article and postings from both blog sites to pull forth additional conversation points.

As I live my life as a shaman, journeying endlessly from earth plane to the ethers, this does not always allow me to write for public presentation. Meditation and contemplation are timely pursuits. However, I am delighted to have been missed and will always do my best to respond to individual requests to the best of my ability and as quickly as I can.

Absence of my blog postings is not a sign of my leaving. Should this be otherwise, such as in the case of medical emergencies etc., Sue deVeer or Lisa Boyer, my board members, would no doubt, if appropriate, let people know.

I am regretful if it seems I have gone away, please let me know what else you might need from me and I will do what I can to accommodate, if I am able.

In terms of the study, we are now requesting college interns to assist us and the formation of an advisory board to assess study findings. Volunteers from our base of study participants have also been requested, but so far have no takers. Much is to be studied and assessed as this study and our various Small "Zones Of Peace" Project are enormous undertakings, needing as much support as possible at this time.

Please do use the blogs for your information gathering, though daily or even consistent weekly postings are not possible at this time without the assistance of volunteers. We are in the midst of a very revealing study and data gathering with our Possible Human, Possible Society Study.

The study in now beginning Round 2 of its mission. Approximately 70 people have so far been interviewed; some only briefly, others in-depth. Round 1 means the first year cycle of the study process. Round 1 with addendums for various phases completes August 30. Round One with its various additions included:

o Serene Survivor Inventory
o Lifestyle and History Inventory
o Peace Buddy Inventory
o Community Unity Building Inventory
o Addendum, Labor Day, 2012

There is still much research to do ahead with both new participants and those already onboard. However, we are pleased to announce that all present participants will soon be eligible to receive a draft copy of our submission, if permitted, to Murat's new forthcoming book, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II, due out, likely, before the end of the year.

We will await permission from Murat's administrative office for this before we proceed, however. So please be patient and plan to buy your early copy of the entire book as soon as it goes on sale.

An obligation will accompany receipt of this manuscript by present study participants. The obligation will be that the submission entitled "Doing Our Love" is read, contemplated and discussed as a teaching tool, one on one or in coming Think Tank meetings or other Small "Zones of Peace" Project programs (i.e. the Bus Ride Story Adventure series etc.). This will allow current participants to continue their active participation in the study, if they choose and go deeper and deeper, higher and higher with us as possible humans building a possible society.

Current plans suggest, of course, that all study participants to date are appreciated for their contribution. However, only a select 20% in each of the four categories will be included for ongoing data collection. If you, or any of the people you introduced me to, wish to be included in the 20% from the to date participants, please let me know.


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