Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back in the saddle again.

Butt -- I hope you missed our last radio show.
Back in the saddle I go,
before I lose my courage.

It was awful! 

Such a comedy of errors, you will never get the chance to hear it, if you didn’t at broadcast time. Lisa, radio show coach, deleted it at her earliest convenience.
But I’ll be back in the saddle, again, this week, hosting the show solo until we are able to get the studio technology management operating smoothly.

Same time: 6:30 p.m. Same place: on Blog Talk Radio;
Second round of the same topic:
Beyond Polarization: Exploring The Polarization Within
Last week it was just one technical mishap after another, after another.  

Still in all, the humor surfaces, as this show was one to remember. Indeed, a comedy of errors. (I shouldn’t feel bad, one dear friend suggested; “Look what happened on air to ………”  (Just fill in the blank to remember that in-public blooper.)
Beginners luck for our first show was just that, beginners’ luck! So number two, expecting it to go well, turned out to be only a wish. Oh, well, this week I am back in the saddle again.

In the midst of whatever went amiss, our loyal volunteer, co-host, Jim French, was caught out on a limb, hangin’ on for all he could muster for which I admire his fortitude. Still, things did not get better. They only got worse, by the minute until, at last, we were off the air.  (I, actually, never arrived; not even being able to get on my own show last week; unable to connect with the studio!)
Most redeeming, however, was the conference call portion from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, with an inspiring dig-in-deep to our topic; "Exploring the Polarization Within,” as a key component of moving beyond polarization. With very minimal participation, again on that end (most people bailed out, apparently, when the on air portion went awry), we explored a handful of current, politically hot issues, such as gun control, immigration and the Dream Act, abortion and so forth, giving due consideration to what it might mean, if people really -- pause -- and dig into their interior polarizations on these issues.

How might that make a difference in outcomes when citizen votes become important?
In particular, we explored the topic of storytelling as a vehicle for overcoming polarization; storytelling giving us much opportunity for sharing the heartfelt, before the mind takes over an issue. All too quickly, often, making itself manifest in the ceaseless noise of the media, politicians and political protesters.

Although most of our listeners apparently had given up on us, after listening in to our on air snag, what followed in the conference call-in portion of our program was genuinely uplifting.
All in all, our new Possible Society In Motion radio show did survive. And, I will be doing my best this coming Thursday to get us back on track, again. So please y’all come.

And, if the radio show goes amiss, perchance, meet me on the conference call-in portion. We’ve got that portion working fine. It is, almost, guaranteed; New Horizons is guiding our small part of the possible society in motion, as we intended, give or take a tangle, here and there.

And, much gratitude from New Horizons’ Board of Directors and myself, personally, to Jim for the tenacity and the courage to hang in there with  a most challenging on air glitch; under pressure, helping New Horizons  get this new project in motion, “The Possible Society In Motion Show.”
Now, Happy New Year, 2013. Here we go for everybody’s next round of whatevers???

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