Friday, January 18, 2013

Do you see what I see?

Anastasia’s reflections on last night’s radio show

The great potential for healing? The great potential for growth out of adversity? Could Newtown and the various issues related to it, possibly be the tipping point for a sea of change that has pushed its way to the surface in our country and cannot be ignored?

I SEE that the opportunity for this potential is valid and, now, within the realm of the possible; particularly as people of good intention are, now, being drawn together to build unity in the face of loss. Community is one of the gifts of unity. It has happened many before in times of great loss and crisis. The evidence is there for it to happen, if you LOOK, now, once again.

On last night’s Possible Society In Motion Show, I took the next steps forward on behalf of New Horizons and myself to throw our hat in the ring, pledging anew to help our country move forward toward the greatest it can be in the this critical time; a possible society with a potential that does honor to our heritage. The time, evidently, is now for us to step over the threshold into our brave new world. Politicians will not carry us over this threshold; people in unity will.

Listen to my viewpoints, as I introduced them with last night’s show topic, “Why Small “Zones of Peace” Make Sense.” Then, please add your comments to mine here.

I do not always have the words to express, just right, the words of my mind and my heart; the clarity of what I have seen, expanded so precisely by my uncountable experiences, especially being blind and recovering from that ordeal.
The addition of New Horizons radio show and my own, The Anastasia The Storyteller Show, however, is about to expand my ability, more feasibly than ever, to articulate what I have seen .  Please listen in to The Possible Society InMotion Show, weekly, on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.. And Anastasia The Storyteller, bi-weekly on Tuesday mornings at 11:30 a.m.

If you have benefited from visiting this blog, take the opportunity, especially at this point in time, to listen in to what I will, now, be better able to articulate through spoken words on these two radio shows. And, then join the conversations we are now holding, following the Possible Society In Motion Show that builds on and expands what you have been reading here.
This week’s topic, “Why Small “Zones of Peace” Make Sense” is an important extension of what you have been reading here.

Please hear what I am saying and join in with our conversation. Awe is our destination.

More to come.
Thank you for your kind support.

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