Monday, June 24, 2013

We came together

We came together last Saturday to celebrate the Summer Solstice and enumerable triumphs, both personal and collective, that New Horizons has attained. We were Intent on giving, from this bounty, all that we can that is the very best of ourselves, individually and together. And, I do believe we accomplished this mission.

Today and for a few days forward from now, I want to take time to discover for myself, integrate and prepare to share what this celebration meant for me, personally, and for those to whom it was offered, and for those who will benefit in the future that will grow out of the fruits of this labor.

For now my words are still within, unspoken as far as coherent communication is possible.

As a result, I contacted my radio show co-host, jack Slattery, following consultation with Sue, to reschedule tonight's show. I need to take the time I/we need so that we can present a radio program with some degree of conviction. I had intended for this show to derive from two important quotes; one by Margaret Mead and one by Mahatma Gandhi, as the jumping off point.

This is a complex endeavor, from my end, that will need tending to. Thus the show, titled "Never doubt that a small group..", will be broadcast on Thursday evening, June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Please feel welcome to join us for our broadcast discussion for this show. And for the extended conference call-in discussion that follows. Here is the link for that program.

In the meantime the photograph posted here that was taken by me last night, just before sundown will, likely, speak words without words for those of you who gathered with me, from start to finish on Saturday.

Thank you so much. to those who were most involved in preparing for this celebration, Sue deVeer and Leslie Pickett -- and -- to those who attended, from start to finish. Not everyone did, herein lay the creative tension I was after in my design for the day.

 With gratitude and affection.


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