Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lead into gold in the U.S.A.?

Interested in discovering the secret?

Last week I published, to an international audience, some of the challenges presently engaging New Horizons, as we seek to find our “next right steps” on the adventure of “traveling with you” – all of you, wherever you are -- in the manner best representing our total, most completed package (and program/project contributions) to date.
Check out my article titled, “Ancient Abkhazian Traditions: Can they make a difference today?” to help you follow along with us, as this next portion of the adventure unfolds. The article will offer you a bit of a window into the treasure trove we have been guiding you, our supporters, toward, if you will just, simply open your eyes to recognizing the gold of it all.
Murat Yagan and New Horizons
Executive Director,
Anastasia Rosen-Jones
The treasure is so grand, so almost beyond imagining its splendor, that I, Anastasia, captaining New Horizons’ ship of heroes who dare to join us in traveling the, oftentimes, arduous, road to personal and collective excellence, have often found this to be a mighty, almost daunting, voyage.
However, now that Murat’s new book is out (see details here), we think the landscape we are traversing might just be a bit more well-defined. And, you might like to join us as we travel, even contribute to the unfolding adventure.

You can do this by participating in our new discussion forum which will evolve, before too long, into our next on-air radio show forum/study group --
"Alchemy and the alchemist:
Conversations with Anastasia and Murat"
a brand new program for you based on Murat's new book

The radio show is coming soon. The study group has already begun.
Join with us as we do our best to transform lead into gold as best possible humans doing our best to build a possible society.

For details, keep checking back to our blog posts and tuning into our Possible Society In Motion radio show. Or, contact me, Anastasia at:

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