Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our prince (Murat Yagan) and his new heir

Murat's new book, right off the presses!
Ahmsta Kebzeh:
The Science of Universal Awe
Volume II
Just take a look here!

Murat’s new book is just released!

And we are contributors to it with a beautiful, loving story about how Murat became our honored and devoted community development mentor.

Here is an instruction guide for the possible human who truly wants to be an active possible society builder.

Expect more and more and more exciting details to follow, here, as New Horizons celebrates the publication of this tome of wisdom and hope; excerpted portions, ordering details and more.

You will love it!  I can barely put it down.

In fact, New Horizons has already launched a study group that will soon become a new radio show --
 “Alchemy and the Alchemist: Conversations with Anastasia and Murat Yagan,” 

-- exclusively dedicated to exploring the vital guidance this book contains.

Caveat: For real deal "Peace Buddies" you will need both Volumes I and II plus a seasoned guide -- and -- a community of fellow travelers to truly reach the peaks of the Mountain of Awe.

Look for details.

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