Sunday, February 16, 2014

A snowy night, indoors and --

--   an unexpected “Lead into Gold Study Group” for those with the highest of aspirations for personal and collective transformation.

What are the options for a cozy evening when a massive snow storm hits, consigning almost everyone to stay indoors; travel perilous?

How about an (almost) coffee house conversation from your living room to mine, without anyone leaving the house?

That’s just what a small group of Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants created last Thursday evening when the whole of the Eastern seaboard, coming up from the South, was paralyzed by snow.

Mother Nature gave our “new” New Horizons’ changing "lead into gold-themed study group" an unexpected, early second gathering. Our physical mobility might have been limited but not that of our minds. Thus we came together for our second sohbet/study group via conference call.  Out and about in that venue while still warm, safe and cozy in our own homes. 

Oh, the wonders of modern technology.

(Jack and I rescheduled the February 13 Possible Society In Motion Radio Show for next Thursday, February 20. The notion occurred to us that a more informal hangin’ out with folks might be more in the way of a community-building service for that night than any topic we might choose. Given the frustrations, limitations – and – benefits of our severe weather, so it seemed to turn out.)

The idea that “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world,” (Margaret Mead) is the rationale behind this study group.

For discussion material we are drawing from the accumulated works of Murat Yagan, New Horizons’ community development mentor (recently deceased) to open these conversations. Then encouraging the group to go anywhere and everywhere our “informal discussion with a purpose” (called “sohbet” in Murat’s native language) leads us.

Exploring our individual viewpoints on the term “alchemy” was the point of discussion for this snow-bound, Thursday evening conversation. It must have been worthy for participants, as our energetic conversation lasted for better than one and one-half hours.

Drawing from Murat’s writings, we will, for a time, follow the line of thought quoted, here, from Murat’s native ancient traditions of the Caucasus Mountains (where Sochi, the current site of the Winter Olympics, is located) –
 "Alchemists worked throughout history to obtain what they called the philosopher’s stone, the elixir, the universal panacea, working successfully to transmute various metals in the complicated laboratories that they built. However, according to Ahmsta Kebzeh the true laboratory of …”
…humanity is within the Self and our relationships to one another, as well as to our environment.

With this as a starting point, the fun of this next program, especially designed for Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants, is really about to begin!

New Horizons, Jack and myself thank all of you who have already joined us to participate with this new sohbet/study group expansion. Having amply explored, stretched etc. etc. the definition of "alchemy," we think we are on our way, now. This added endeavor takes us one step closer, small though it may be, to being the best possible humans we can be, individually and collectively, building our possible society.

If you are a participant in our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, you are welcome to join us!

Details and Information

Anastasia at: or cell: 240.409.5347

Study participants, please contact Anastasia for next study group date and conference call-in number and access code. Study groups are audio recorded so you can, also, catch up with us through these, if you choose.

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  1. From Nancy S. Frederick, Maryland


    I felt you did a wonderful job as moderator on Thursday. I am sorry I bugged out at the end, Paul was battling the elements outside and needed some help with stuff he left in the house.

    You were very protective of your newbees. And I appreciate that. You allowed us that don't know the topic so well to still engage. I thought you showed a lot of skill