Monday, February 24, 2014

Turning Lead Into Gold: Principles and Practices

Sohbet/study group #3 is on its way!

(See general sohbet/study group overview at this link.)

Open to all qualified Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants
  •  “A sohbet is an informal discussion with a purpose.” (Murat Yagan);
    Lead into gold?
  •  New Horizons’ sohbet is a learning laboratory for personal and collective growth and development -- an advanced Coffee House Conversation for those with the highest of aspiractions for personal and collective transformation;
  • New Horizons sohbet is an informal discussion with a purpose, designed especially for our study participants;
  •  New Horizons sohbet  is one, exemplary, way to contribute to making a better world.
Date: Thursday, February 27. Time: 6:30 pm.

Location: Your telephone to our conference call-in forum. (Details.)

Would you like to, purposefully, turn lead into gold,
personally and collectively?

Sohbet Study Group #3 leads off with the following ---

Quote from Murat, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Volume II, page 5.

"Alchemists worked throughout history to obtain what they called the philosopher’s stone, the elixir, the universal panacea, working successfully to transmute various metals in the complicated laboratories that they built. However, according to Ahmsta Kebzeh the true laboratory of the universal open for the sublime work is in the nervous system of Human and it is therefore at the disposal of all humanity."

Details and reservations:
Anastasia at:

In celebration of a well-lived life

New Horizons’ hopes and dreams to learn and pass on what we learn.

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