Saturday, September 13, 2014

Practically speaking

If you want to really consider the nuts and bolts of the new American survival, you’ve got to start realizing that –
9/11’s  Lean In Legacy
  • The Practical;
  • The Political;
  • The Interactive and;
  •  The Spiritual.   
They must all play their parts in a balanced way.

This is the new norm for life in the U.S.A.!

For example, Jack and I spoke at length on our last radio show about --

I came away from this discussion with my perceptions altered, markedly, by comments Jack made suggestive of the need for this wholistic integration. Particularly his views on the difference leadership -- and -- values of substance can make in a country such as our’s.

I also came away from the conversation reminding myself, once again, that if we are unable to immediately influence or alter our leaders, there is nothing standing in the way, except us, in changing the ways in which we handle ourselves, especially in times of crisis!

But there was more to our discussion that was critically important and uplifting to consider  from this important show.

For our discussion, Jack and I drew on the work of Gail Sheehy, as she reported it in her book, Middletown, America: One Town’s Passage From Trauma To Hope. For over two years in the wake of their coping with the tragedy that was “9/11, Sheehy regularly visited Middletown, New Jersey that lost more citizens than any other locale from the terrorist attacks.

If you are genuinely concerned – and – willing to do whatever you can, even in small ways to help our country attain a higher level of social – and political functioning – take the time to hear our discussion and draw some personal inspiration – and initiative -- from it for yourself.

And, one more thing – probably mentioned by Jack in our after broadcast conference call conversation –

Bobby Kennedy’s speech (accessible on YouTube), announcing the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., a momentous speech, known to possibly be the “greatest speech ever,” urging the best from us as U.S. citizens; compassion, forgiveness and unity – for starters.

Listen to this too! It can be  a critically important reminder about getting your basic values straight.

Anastasia The Super Sleuth Says –
Compassion, forgiveness, courage and so forth, are elements of human capability called forth by leaning into one another, especially in times of crisis, loss, pain – and – healing.

Often these attributes are undeveloped or underdeveloped, in us. However, we  can develop these and use them to strengthen our country, socially and politically. (Original thinking, courtesy of our Beloved Murat Yagan.)

This makes sense, if you think about it long enough and hard enough.

Anastasia The Super Sleuth Also Says –

Don’t miss your chance!

P.S. If you listen to the audio, you will hear the shift in me occurring around 18 minutes into the show and forward.

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