Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oops and Awe!

Folks, I did the darn-dest thing. I hope you’re gonna forgive me for it.

“I” cancelled our last scheduled Coffee House Conversation on “Humanizing Our Citizen-Police Relations” --  and – totally forgot --- I do mean FORGOT – to tell you!

(“I cancelled” but not exactly unilaterally as I did get a group consensus before we made it official. Then I did have the presence of mind to, at least, get the word out of the cancelling and subsequent rescheduling to Saturday, October 17 to our email list.  Hope this did not inconvenience any of you who are not on it.  Oops!)

One thing and another had happened since our last Kids and Kops In Conversation program. Mainly a new Frederick City Police Chief was hired, not unexpectedly getting our usually beautiful communication flow with the City Police a bit off kilter.  As a result, as our event date grew closer and closer I could see that our “synergy” had been somewhat diminished by this change.

This meant – in my “exceptional community” building mind – that we were not going to have the magical quality that makes a successful Coffee House Conversation, New Horizons-style.

Synergy in a group, especially a working team, makes all the difference. When synergy is missing that, too, makes a huge distinction, on the down side. 

So, I got the votes needed for us to reschedule to Saturday, October 17!!   We hope you can be with us then, if geography doesn’t make us undesirable.

I made a smart decision to ask for that cancellation and subsequent reschedule. And, guess what that change is already bringing us – AWE; the lift that comes when people work together, with hearts and minds connected, on their way to building a better something for all.

It just works out that way!

We are on our way, now, better and better connected than ever before, co-creating with one another in our Coffee House Conversations Volunteer Planning Meetings, heading toward just the kind of potentially AWESOME event New Horizons has long been striving to develop in our local Frederick County, Maryland community.

We are, at last, growing ever so much more beautiful as we refine our methods that before long, you, too, in your local community, may be wanting us to help your community also come together in our special “exceptional community” model way

That is, if you haven’t already figured out how to do it on your own without us.

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