Sunday, October 4, 2015

September: An Upside Down Month

I loved August and hated to see it leave, or maybe it was just that it was so clearly signaling the end of summer. I don’t know for sure. Yet August had a good deal of turbulence to it, at least it for me. 

Then came September, moving into October with life-threatening rain storms which, fortunately, did not affect us other than filling the buckets and buckets of rain barrels I set outside to catch the falling rain to make up for the fact that, as of now, we have no running water. Thanks to what seems to be a faulty well pump. Damn!
Ever have an
upside down month?

Well, whatever the source I loved August and grieved its passing -- and, no wonder. September was all upside down for me. It could have been the fallout from the commotions of August. I can’t quite yet get a perspective on it all. But something must have been strange for me to forget to tell people that a Coffee House Conversations event had been rescheduled for a whole month later. And, to write less than my pledged quota of articles for Anastasia The Storyteller/

Well, no mind. This past weekend with drenching and threatening weather conditions outside I have trying to regain some order in my life, running water or not.  And, I do think I am making some small headway. With that in mind I thought I just stop by here and say hello as a way of stabilizing the normal flow of things out here from me to you.

That’s all for now, except stay tuned in here for details of our “rescheduled” Coffee House Conversation on Humanizing Citizen-Police Relations. And, if you get a chance, listen to the podcast of our last Possible Society In Motion Radio Show. It was a fine program with our guest, Acting Frederick City Police Captain Jason Keckler, where we took up a preliminary discussion on that theme, titled, Citizen-Police Relations and The Redefining of Power.

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