Monday, March 14, 2016

Mr. Trump’s Love Fest

When my son was little and we would have arguments it would always end up, somewhere along the line, when he was being extremely volatile, that he would say “Sorry, I love you mommy” for whatever the mean-spirited behavior he had done. 

After a while I got tired of routinely saying “o.k.” in response. Instead I started saying “Well, o.k. but how about if you also act like you love me?”

That’s what I am thinking today about Mr. Trump’s “love fest.” If it is such a “love fest,” how come it feels so unloving and even scary to so many people. 

Love isn’t supposed to hurt and make you afraid. You can feel it when there is love behind the message. When it’s not there, you just have to wonder, is my take.

That’s what I’m suggesting in my article, To See Or Not To See Your Dark Side, Or What Makes Donny Run?  

How can gut instinct, if not for good solid logic, be wrong in so many dissenting opinions that are saying there is potential danger here in the kind of rallies being held on behalf of Mr. Trump? How come he doesn't seem to be listening to any of us who think differently than him at this point? And reassuring the concerned rather than dismissing it all with bluster?

The kind of president I want would not turn a deaf ear to so many voices of his constituents!

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