Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Communication and Conflict: The Exceptional Community Way

Or, how to get to awe in your own backyard!

Learn about it in our backyard

Then take it home with you! 

We will show you how!

Community Gathering: Sunday May 22, 2016

Join with us for a fun filled, community building, property remodeling day at –

11:15 a.m. till ????

We want you to learn with us how to get to awe.

We know how. We will show you!

For details and reservation, contact Anastasia at: 240.409.5347
or email us at: HarpersFerryNH@aol.com

For Gifts In Kind or cash donations, contact Lynn Cullather-Popkin
Cell: 301.775.1432,  email: aasscc@yahoo.com

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