Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Most Enlightening (End of) Summer In The Mountains Gathering

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As we brought our Summer In The Mountains community gatherings to an official close last night, out in the woods at our Beloved fire circle, Paul, my collaborator Sue’s husband, our official videographer of the event, captured the essence of how profound and powerful was this year’s conclusion.  

The grand finale was of Sue and I lighting our “anniversary” cake which says it all in spirit, pictures and Paul’s words –
“From a single candle into a bonfire!"
Paul should know!  He has suffered through it all with us – and – not always silently! Nonetheless, here we all are! 

I (Anastasia) was the single light that started us off. Then “we, like our tiny “struggle” to get our candles lit, struggled to birth something that only our idealistic passions could envision. Now, “we,” like the passion and burning energy of our new “Making Violence Obsolete” movement are the bonfire, shining brighter and brighter, as we take our place in our local community – and – beyond, in giving our best to “thinking global, acting local.” 

Wish us the best, folks. We are here to serve our communities, near and far, in any bridge building that we can. We expect turbulent post-election days ahead. Yet, going beyond our comfort zones, no matter what, is where we will need to stretch.

We must remember that we are all in this U.S.A. together when it comes down to it. 

We are wishing you the best too!

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