Saturday, November 12, 2016

Be The Leader YOU Want To Follow

Do yourself a favor, especially, if you are having post-election stress, read this article in its entirety.

Yesterday morning I was struck by a CNN headline titled “Baffled Dems Have No Leader, No Bench To Pull From.” Before half a minute I found myself reacting with indignation at the notion. Not long after the words of my esteemed mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D., echoed in my mind, from years back in the days when I sought out guidance from his brand of wisdom to help me make sense of Watergate and Nixon’s betrayal of the American people. 

The promptings of the CNN article, added to the enormous upheaval facing our nation at this time, led me do my best to lay out a mini set of strategies to help guide my readers, especially the voting youth of our country, through this challenging time.

I hope, if you like what New Horizons and myself have been offering you up until now, you will take the time to read the full version of my article, paying particular attention to the links included in it.  All totaled my article, combined with these links, is on the way to being foundational as a guidebook. 

I doubt I will have time to prepare this guidebook for the worthy "survival manual" it could become. (If someone could assist me in preparing it, I would possible take up the task. But not on my own. The task is too big.So, please do take advantage of the industriousness that went into preparing this one blog article for you.

And, if you are so inspired, let me hear from you with your comments and requests for my personal assistance.  I/We are in this post-election chaos and crisis together -- and --together we must get through it to the other side where the Light is beyond the Dark.

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