Friday, December 30, 2016

When the 'Force" Is Disturbed: What Do I/We Do? Podcast

When the world is in chaos and our hopes and dreams seem to be tumbling down, to what (and where) do we turn?  

Hear how Anastasia, “honorary” mother and daughter, Terry, come to grips with their different perspectives on living through these troubled times.

After I, Anastasia had written and posted my last “Zones of Peace” blog, “A Making Violence Obsolete Holiday Reflection”, I rather thought my work was done for the year.  I had found my peace, after the horrific, just past, campaign cycle and election, and felt rather settled as to how I would manage the fear and threatening disorder it had brought about. Donald Trump’s election was, as our next president, not unexpectedly bringing a strong sense of dis-ease into my life and to those around me; a fearfulness such as no one I know had ever felt after a presidential election.

From this newly resolved – or is that “resigned” ?? – position I had decided that a paradigm shift was in order, if I was to let go of the threatened stance I had adopted during the campaign – and—immediately after, once the outcome of the presidential election race had been determined. This, it seemed, had to be the only sane way to go in this incredibly insane world within which we were now living in the United States as it was also around the globe.

It was from this position that I eagerly and confidently approached my radio show planning meeting with my honorary daughter, Terry. Assured that that last blog of mine could give she and I a relatively easy template from which to create our show, I found myself in for a surprise. No slam dunk, this one!

Yes, Terry, definitely agreed with me that, as I had written --
These are challenging times, no doubt about it.
But was she settled about the situation? She was not!

Hear how Terry and myself worked through our differences on the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show titled --

When the 'Force" Is Disturbed: What Do I/We Do?
P.S. The poem Terry read on this show was written by Katherine Stafford, dated 2005,

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